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About Us

armada-store.com - best way to buy Soviet USSR and Russian Modern Army Equipment.

Hello dear customers!
Shop Armada Store began its history with the appearance in Russia in 2011 - we have sold equipment and gear for military and sports games airsoft in Russia. Now we have more than a thousand items of goods, including equipment, equipment for hunting and fishing, clothing and footwear for sports and outdoor activities, the form for members of the security services of Russia. 98% of our products are manufactured at the Russian factories. We started selling Russian goods abroad in 2013. Russian goods in demand primarily in the US and Europe, and more recently in the Asian countries because it is cheaper than European and American counterparts, but better quality than Asian.

Promotional products, we started through Facebook, specialized groups, community airsoft fans. We ship our products to local bloggers who are interested in equipping them to write reviews and share their blogs. At the moment, we have the accounts of all the most popular social networks. Our products are sold not only through our site armada-store.com, but also through our e-shops for such well-known trading platforms like Amazon and ebey.

The first parcels were sent to the US and then in Canada, the UK, Japan, Germany, and throughout the world. Of course, in Europe and the United States, have their analogues in our products, but our prices are much more "attractive", as we have signed contracts for direct supplies with the largest Russian manufacturers of clothes and equipment.

Demand for our products is growing, including due to the fact that foreign buyers saw the Russian equipment and gear in a number of geopolitical events. Equipment and Supplies Russian soldiers have become much better and smarter than the fact that it was in the 90s.
At the moment, the ratio of our sales in Russia and abroad about the same. The largest number of orders comes to clothes and shoes, equipment, rations Russian army, rarely buy souvenirs and accessories, such as watches.
The range of our store is constantly expanding. Every week there are new items. Shares are held at great discount prices for the most popular products.
We are always happy to offer the best products in Russia at the best prices!

Why we are the best?

1. Nice prices - most of items have the LOWEST WORLDWIDE prices!
2. We combine shipping and ship WORLDWIDE! - it doesn't matter, where you live. We ship from Russia to anywhere in the world!
3. We accept PayPal - all your payment are secure!!!
4. Fast shipping - we have a contract with Russian Post and EMS. Maximum order handling time 48 hours!!!
5. We are NOT private Seller. We are Russian official registered company.
6. We situated in Russia and sell only Russians goods. NO CHINAMADE REPLICAS!
7. We've direct access to stock of largest Russian gear & camouflage companies including SSO (SPOSN), SPLAV, ANA, NPO-SM, TECHINKOM, MODOX etc.
8. 24/7 Support. We have a support team in Facebook, e-mail and in our website.
9. Exclusive items. A lot of items, that you can see on our website you can buy only in our store.
10. A lot of items with discount every week!
11. We sell goods from Russia since 2011! Thousands of happy customers !!!

Why select Armada to buy the Russian Military Surplus

What different stores would call new, we call the stuff that was touched by the soldiers of the Russian army. Our central goal is to offer the most noteworthy quality, genuine military things to our clients, and to offer it at sensible costs. We do not construct cost with respect to what other people offers for, we construct it in light of what the thing cost us, which at times turns out to a great degree low costs. We esteem respectability and genuineness more than benefit. We take extraordinary pride in offering incredible arrangements to you.

Official products are intended to a much higher standard than most business merchandise that is intended for hot or cool climate, wet or dry atmospheres, intended for rehashed substantial use. Thump offs and imports break apart following a couple of months, or at times, weeks yet authentic military issue rigging is worked to last.

Some of the commercial products

We do offer commercially prepared products, however, dissimilar to our opposition, we will clearly let you know that what are the original military items and what have been commercially prepared. Industrial products are obviously named, and we just offer things that have turned out to be rough, trustworthy, and worth their cost.

Our team of specialists

The aspect that you will love about Armada is that we have a team of specialist that collect and inquire all the products. Our team has been specially trained to make sure that all the products that we have brought are in perfect condition as well as there is not even a single defect in the products.

The team is well aware that what are the products that have to be sent further in the store to make them accessible to the customers. After the inspection, the team comes to our customer care team. They are the special employees that are expert in dealing with the customers perfectly. They make sure that the online store works perfectly.

As well as if a customer contact us to know about our services of products this team makes sure to provide the customer with the information they require. It is assured that the customer is satisfied. The best part is that a friendly environment is maintained with the customer so that he or she will be confident when returning to the store to buy some new products.

With respect,

the founder and owner of Armada Store Russia, Alexander N. Kobzarenko.