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Universal Leg Holster can be placed on leg. Can fit any Handguns, and have MOLLE platform for small pistol pouch. So, it"s useful item for any MV
This bag can be used for secretive using. You can place hand gun in this bag.  FABRIC: Cordura 1000D US production meets MIL-SPEC Backpac
Pouch for Gas mask, that can be placed on leg or Molle. Also can be used as dump pouch.  Analog of FORT Technology Pouch, but can fit all type
Fast Pouch for AK. Modern decision. You can faster recharge your gun with this Pouches. Our Producer make it for FSB, SOBR. Made of durable Cordura 10
Vest "Grad" (Art. 734) The characteristics of the basic set: * Removable backpack * 4 pockets under 8 AK Mags * Pocket for Knife
Pouch for 3 VOG grenades. ..
This  Gorka suit made by St. Petesburg company ANA. Main plus of all gorkas from ANA - very good quality, good price. All this Gorkas m
Mount type (PALS-MOLLE)       ..
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Designed to maintain a comfortable body temperature in the cold season during physical activity, in bad weather, when it winds and rains. Removes vapo
• Plastic fittings Duraflex. • Material Cordura 1000D Mil-Spec 100% Nylon . • Yarn 100% Capron . ..
JACKET   With button closure on the back from the inside kuliske Shelves with two slotted pockets In the area of the elbow pad scribb
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M1 platecarrier designed for special units,and able to use ESAPI or Granite armor plates. it has enough molle sections,for placing amount &nbs
Universal Holster, can be placed on Molle. Can fit any handguns (PM, PM-m, Grach, Glock and etc). Made from durable fabric Cordura 1000D and come in 3
Used by VDV units for packing their clother, during detached duty. Very light and can fit a lot of items. Volume - 80l.   ..
Quickly removable Medical Pouch. Very convenient, is used by the Russian Special division. Made of durable materials.   &nb
Pouch for 2 AK Mags. Can be placed on Molle. Main advantage of this model - it has rubber band. So, your mags will firmly fixed in pouch. That&qu
Pouch for 5 VOG grenades. ..
Modification of the American field of costume ACU, at the request of the special units. All buttonholes to suit a "peephole"  
Extremelly warm fleece trousers created for cool and cold weather, with snow and rain. Protect from water and wind. Will protect your "future&quo
The classic model for cold weather. Used by Russian Army.        ..
Winter suit "Gorka" 5 with fleece. This suit extremelly warm, it is great for cold weather, especially for cold wind, snow or rain.  .
Original item. Made of original Fabric Multicam and A-tacs AU/FG cordura 1000D.  New FSB plate carrier produced by St. Petersburg`s compa
Hoster. Can be placed on Molle Platform. Suitable for Yarigin, G17/18, M9 and others. ..
Multi-volume backpack for special operations forces "Viking". Specifications: Weight: 1810 grams. Volume: 40 liters. Dimensions:. 57h24h35
Quickly removable Medical Pouch. Very convenient, is used by the Russian Special division. Made of durable materials.   &nb
Created for ANY AK pouch. Very small and nice "closed" pouch for small plate carriers, when you don"t need take a lot of mags. ..
"Alfa" type (Pals-Molle) vest base with pockets for 4 magz rifle (AK-74M AK-103), inner pocket for attaching the removable armor elements an
This pouch will be great for Signal Rocket ROP type. It can fit one Rocket and can be placed on Molle or Belt. This pouch will be great for MVD and FS