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Azimut SS

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On the reverse side there is a mounting MOLLE, allowing to mount the holster and unloading system, and, if desired, on a belt.   The holste
fastex clasp; sealed foam; on the inner side of Velcro tape ( "Velcro"); adjust the volume; fastening strap removable modules (M.O.
Durable, high-quality holster for a pistol PM. It has a moderately hard shell, sewed from strong, durable materials smoothly and accurately sewn
At the bottom there are 4 pockets under magz AK (in each pocket is placed on the two stores, a total of 8), 2 pockets for grenades (part 2 grenades, a
Fighting unloading system "The Rock" allows you to evenly distribute the weight of the payload, allowing freedom of movement. It is made on
Unloading system battle Features: adjustable in size from 46 to 60; pockets provide water drain; the shoulders are soft inserts that protect from
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3 pouches for 6 magz SVD. Pouches pull the rubber band to the stores do not get lost and do not rattled when running.  Pouches fitted with partit
Vest with pouches Comfortable Vest "Tank", designed for special forces, adjustable from 46 to 60 on the belt buckle size. Across the plaza