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BACKPACK (18L) "Coyote-1"

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Product Code:BACKPACK (18L) "Coyote-1"
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Country/Region of Manufacture: Russian Federation

Backpack, with a total volume of 18 liters, has a broader scope, in Vol. H. Great for quick assault and rescue operations, providing quick access to content and having, at the same time, small size. Backpack is available in colors: olive, range, range-SCWO, cartoons. The product is made of high-strength nylon oxford fabric. "Coyote-1" has a classic modern design with round top and a rectangular base. The product is highly durable and well-designed. The backpack has a main compartment closed by a solid two-way polyamide zipper. In full disclosure zipper main compartment opens to two-thirds of its volume, which is convenient and promptly if any active operations. Inside the main compartment, in its upper third, there are three small loops of nylon straps allow further secure the contents. At the bottom of the main compartment has a grommet for water drain. Outside the backpack over the main compartment, there is a large outer compartment, zippered pocket on the polyamide, are sufficient to show it in half. Inside this pocket has sewn travel bag with three small pockets for trifles and a separate pocket for small-sized radio or navigation device. At the bottom of the pocket-compartment also has a grommet for water drain. The dorsal part of the backpack straps and a soft back panel is, lockable nylon zipper, separate special flat pocket flask under-hydrator capacity to three liters. Hose hydrator, through a special inner hole is displayed in the upper part of the main room and then through the right or left, closed by Velcro flap on the top side of the backpack. At the bottom of the pocket is located under the hydrator grommet for water drain. The back pack has three soft, closed mesh panels: the top two (right and left) and one in the lumbar area. This arrangement provides excellent ventilation panels back even in very hot weather. Two adjustable S-shaped shoulder straps have a soft filler, equipped with two plastic half-rings and fasteners of sewn slings for fixing of small equipment and hose hydrator. Both straps easily detachable at the bottom of the pack, thanks to the durable polyamide fasteksy. Backpack also has a connecting strap, chest tie at fasteksy. Below, in the dorsal part of the backpack there is an easy adjustment of the belt straps with fasteksy. If it is not necessary, the belt (his right and left halves) is fully retracted into a small clutch-pockets sewn to the bottom of the pack in the form of small "ears". The volume of the main compartment and large-pocket compartment is regulated by four lateral ties - two on each side (top unzips to fasteksy). Outside the front side of the backpack has three horizontal lines paired slings mating fastening standard PALS / MOLLE. One line steam lines goes to the very top of the backpack (four full MOLLE cell). Two more lines from steam lines are located on the outer surface of the large-pocket compartment in the middle and bottom of the backpack (six full MOLLE cells). The bottom of the backpack, on the outside, is provided with four sewn shlёvkami of slings, to secure the bottom of the additional load. At the top of the "Coyote-1" has the most comfortable carrying handle. All dogs are equipped with additional lightning leashes made of durable nylon cord.

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