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Country/Region of Manufacture: Russian Federation

- Backpack has a main compartment and two side pockets, fitted with tubes. Inside the main compartment has a waterproof pocket for documents, maps, etc. Side pockets "sleeve" type sewn to the main branch only in the longitudinal direction, which allows them to place a variety of long objects (grenade launcher RPG-7, entrenching tools, etc.).
- The back is equipped with a knapsack dampers, gives it the necessary rigidity, for easy transportation and ventilation.
- Suspension system includes a backpack shoulder straps ergonomic S-shaped, and adjusting straps. On the chest there is a jumper straps with quick-release buckle-type "fasteksy". When fitting backpack on a figure the jumper on the strap can be changed.
- All branches are closed valves backpack with quick buckles type "fasteksy". The valve has an internal volume of the main pocket divided into two compartments. Large compartment is designed to accommodate a variety of small items of equipment, and smaller - for winter camouflage cover.
- To adjust the volume, and attachment to the outer surface of the long objects backpack is equipped with two cross-ties (top with quick-release buckle ipa "fasteksy" bottom - with trehschelevoy buckle) and two belt-pryazhechnymi mounts at the bottom of the main volume, equipped trehschelevymi buckles.
- On the outside surface of the backpack are horizontal lines, designed to secure the removable pouches equipped with a modular mounting system.
- On the back between the shoulder the knapsack straps conveying loop is designed for easy carrying lifting knapsack when equipped, on avtobronetehnike fixing and for hoisting and transfer using a climbing rope.
- At the bottom of the main compartment and side pockets have holes for drainage.
- There is a version for airborne troops and military specialties desantiruemye units, equipped with extensions adjusting sling shoulder straps.
- Weight: 1100 gr.

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