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Country/Region of Manufacture: Russian Federation

Backpack is designed for the property (ammunition, food rations, personal protective equipment) military air - landing armies, when making parachute jumps. Backpack is made up of three divisions - primary (in the main compartment housed ammunition and food rations) with Draw Cord tubes, wire frame, suspension system with straps, fastens carbines with latches to a belt, a soft back - on the sides of the main tank sewn pockets, which house individual protection means. All pockets are closed "voluminous" valves that protect against ingress of moisture, dust, and preventing loss of items when making a parachute jump. The total volume of the backpack - thirteen liters. Valves basic vessel and side pockets fastened on the pair, plastic buttons - peck pockets sewn to the legs of the braid. All pockets are equipped with metal hole - eyelets to drain moisture from getting inside. The outer wall of the inner frame is sheathed with vertical straps for additional well-equipped pristёgivaniya MOLLE attachment system. Shoulder straps with chest screed equipped with soft pillows ten millimeters thick and lined with mesh for ventilation shoulders. Side backpack straps adjust in height, is tacked to the rings on soft cushions special steel carabiners with latches and adjusted using three schelёvyh buckles (fixed belt over two schelёvoy buckle). Breast screed tacked steel carabiner to the ring on the left soft cushion and is governed by the volume of the chest with two schelёvoy metal buckle. Before the parachute pack is below the main parachute and locked chest tie. On valves and valve side pockets and sewn on the bottom of the main tank shlёvki for four removable hinges, the supplied backpack.

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