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Backpack of the paratrooper RD-54 Digital Flora

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Backpack of the paratrooper RD-54 is designed to accommodate and carry in it items of combat layout, which the paratrooper paratrooper takes with him when dropping into the enemy's rear.

The backpack is conveniently placed on the parachutist both during the jump and in combat conditions after landing.

It consists of a knapsack, shoulder straps, bags for machine gun shops, bags for hand grenades and shovel cover.

In time of using a backpack, the following rules must be observed:

The backpack must be fully camouflaged. A spare set of shoulder straps must be placed between the frame and the support ribbons.

Spare rings and studs for attaching shoulder straps can be replaced with parachute slings or bolts and nuts. Regularly check the wear of the frame, shoulder straps and backpack straps.

Hanging tapes should be tied up or hidden. Do not allow unnecessary improvements.

The contents of the backpack should not make a noise.

Lay the property in such a way that objects,which are used often (sleeping bag, etc.), could be taken or used (radio station), not pulling out other objects.

Below, we give an example of stowage of property in the previously mentioned RD-54.

Tactico-technical data of rucksack RD-54

The backpack provides:

Accommodation in it ammunition and equipment paratroopers paratroopers all specialties;

The preservation of ammunition and equipment in it, both during the making of jumps, and in the performance of a combat mission.

The backpack is adjustable for any height and uniform of the paratrooper paratrooper.

Weight of a backpack with waist bags and a shovel cover?

1.3 kg.

Dimensions of backpack backpack together with side pockets in the filled form:

Description and purpose of individual parts of the backpack

The knapsack is in the form of a box with a lid and three valves in the upper part: two side and one front.

To the side walls of the knapsack are sewn pockets designed for stacking grenades to a hand grenade launcher, hand-held anti-tank grenades,cartridges, explosives, personal protective equipment and other property.

Inside the side pockets, stitches Small pockets for stacking grenades for hand grenade launchers.

For fastening to the backpack, the coil or cape tent with the inner side of the pockets, side walls and bottom of the knapsack sewn-in braid-ties, for pulling them to the outside knapsack set.

In the lower corners of the back side of the knapsack are sewn corner tapes, on which sewn buckles and carbines for fastening to the shoulder straps.

The valve, the cover of the knapsack and the side pockets of the side pockets are fastened to the brakes.

Bag for hand grenades

Bag designed for pomegranate packing RG-42, F-1 or cartridges in packs. Inside the bag is a partition with 4 cells, of which two large through cells are designed for fuse grenades RG-42 and F-1, and two small not through? for fuses of hand-held anti-tank grenades.

On the outside of the bag there is a buckle designed to attach it to the left shoulder strap.

The bag is held on the waist belt by means of two straps of fastening and can be freely moved and removed.

The bag cover is fastened to two brakes.

Placement of items of combat readout in a backpack In the satchel are stacked the following items of combat calculation: to the bottom of the knapsack? food, then a bowler hat, cartridges, anti-chemical protection equipment,towel, soap, spoon.

To use the internal volume of the kettle it is allowed to pack cartridges and other property into it.

It is allowed to put the flask in the knapsack.

After filling the knapsack, fasten the front valve to the brake, the side flaps? on the brake and loop,then close and fasten the lid.

Placement of ammunition in the side pockets of a backpack Stacking manual anti-tank grenades Remove the handle. The hull and handle of the grenade are to be put in the side pocket of the backpack, and the fuse? into the small cell of the bags for grenades.

The explosive (in checkers) is put in the right side pocket, and the pencil case with accessories for blasting? in the left.

Place the cartridges in the right and left side pockets.

In the side pocket it is allowed to lay a jar, anti-chemical and other property that does not fit in the pack.

Stacking the machine in the bag

To enclose separately two shops by covers upwards, and the concave party (ribs) to the right thigh of the parachutist and fasten the brakes.

It is allowed to pack cartridges in packs.

Stacking of hand grenades RG-42

(F-1) in the bag

Put the fuse in one of the large cells of the partition, and the body of the grenade? in any bag branch and button brakes.

In the free compartment of the bag it is allowed to pack cartridges in packs or accessories for cleaning the machine.

Shovel laying in

"fighting position" of the backpack Insert the shovel into the cover downward with a handle, place the tray with a concave side to the back of the parachutist,close the valve and fasten the brakes.

Brand USSR
Weight 1.110 kg.
Material Cordura 1000

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