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Backpack of the paratrooper RD-54, USSR

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RD-54 backpack is made of avi-type and includes a backpack, shoulder straps to it, a cover for an infantry scapula,bags for two hand grenades and bags for two automatons. The knapsack of the backpack is in the form of a box with a lid on the top and three flaps on the sides and in front.

On the sides of the knapsack are provided pockets for hand-held anti-tank grenades, shots to a hand grenade launcher, explosives, etc.

Inside the side pockets there are small pockets for pomegranate fuses [2]. At the bottom of the knapsack and on its side walls, embroideries strap-ties To fix the roll of the camp overcoat or raincoat. To preserve the shape of the backpack, the wire frame is sewn into the inside of its front wall.

The knapsack cover and its valves are fastened with the help of brakes.

Shoulder straps are made of cotton tape, for convenience of the user have a breast bridge, cotton swathes, a few buckles for adjusting the tension and two half rings for carabiner angled braids. On the right shoulder strap there is a pocket for a handle of a small infantry shovel.

Bag for hand grenades RG-42 and F-1 can be attached to both the waist belt and the left shoulder. It is made from avi-sign with lining of waterproof cotton fabric; In addition to grenades, cartridges can also be placed in packs. Inside the bag there are four additional cells,of which two large ones are designed for firing grenades RG-42 and F-1, and two small ones for fuses of hand-held anti-tank grenades. The bag cover is fastened to two brakes.

The bag for automotive stores is made from aviwent, it has a buckle for fastening to the right shoulder strap with the ability to move and remove.

There are two brakes for fastening the bag.

The main constructional feature of the RD-54, which distinguishes it from other backpacks that were manufactured for the USSR Armed Forces, is the possibility of carrying servicemen in the commission parachute jump. This is due to the relatively small size of the backpack and the construction of shoulder straps. When adjusting the backpack to jump, maximally increase the length of the shoulder straps, so that when he puts on his satchel is at the buttock level. The main parachute of the D-5 or D-6 system, which is worn after RD-54, occupies a place on the back above the knapsack.

After landing, the paratrooper is released from the straps of the suspension system of the parachute, after which it shortens the length of the shoulder belts and leads him to the marching position (knapsack on the shoulder blades).

Brand USSR
Weight 1.162 kg
Material an advisory
Colour khaki

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