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Raid Backpack with armor "Attack 4" 60L

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Product Code:Raid Backpack with armor "Attack 4" 60L
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Raid Backpack (60L) with armor "Attack 4" Backpack capacity of 60 liters for carrying military kit providing funds to combat the problem offline. Placed in a backpack kit may include: extra ammo, the property for the camp (tent, sleeping bag, thermal insulation mat), warm clothes, a removable set of clothes, personal hygiene products, mining equipment, engineering equipment, food supplies, spare communications. The property is located in the main compartment with a removable partition, three external pockets, two pockets surround the valve and external attachment points. The third pocket removable and attached to the outer wall with the help of PALS (MOLLE). Soft container with water, the volume of three liters, fits into a special pocket on the back wall of the main tank, a hose which is derived through a hole in the top of the back wall. The main compartment is divided removable partition into two parts with two separate entrances. The upper entrance is closed container and valve with quick-polymer locks. Lower door closes clasp - zip veiled strap and quick-polymer locks. At the bottom of the main compartment carries a sleeping bag. Internal pockets valve closed for fasteners - lightning. Inside the valve pritachivaetsya belt belt buckle with adjusting for mounting covers backpack. Cases are used to mask (deforming or white staining) and protect the backpack from moisture. Neck tube and the main compartment is pulled cords in the wings. For fixing property on the outer attachment points (shlёvki), the kit includes four removable backpack loop of ribbon belt with buckles adjust in length. Loops allow to fix on a backpack collapsed thermal insulation mat (vertically or horizontally), RPG, RShG. For fixing the mining equipment at the bottom of the backpack pritachivayutsya two special hinges. Backpack suspension system consists of an inner skeleton, two shoulder straps S - shaped and waist belt with lumbar pillow. As the inner frame are two tires duralumin ("LVL") with a thickness of 5 mm. and a width of 30 mm. Tires are inserted in special pockets belt of a belt on the inner side of the rear wall. To protect the back and ventilation to the rear of the pritachivayutsya two pillows with damping inserts and mesh lining. Shoulder straps are adjustable in height, with a loop of ribbon belt width of 50 mm, secured to the horizontal shlёvkam on the back of the main tank (between soft pillows). Loop zastёgtvaetsya a textile clasp "Lipa". Fit to increase further tightened your belt webbing tapes shtrinoy 25 mm sewn to the bottom of the backpack, and threaded through steel buckle with three slits are attached to the bottom of the shoulder straps. To fix the backpack and prevent rocking its upper part, to the straps pritachivayutsya belts with which the top of the main compartment is pulled to the shoulder straps. Belts are threaded into steel buckle with three slits. For quick relief to the right backpack strap pritachivaetsya special, QUICK, steel lock. For easy taking off heavily loaded backpack straps to pritachivayutsya two loops for hands. The straps are tightened between a rib jumper fastened on QUICK polymer castle. To evenly distribute the load on the shoulders, the straps are inserted into the soft pads - dampers. To prevent overheating to the lining of the shoulder straps and belt pritachivaetsya synthetic mesh. The lap belt width of 50 mm, fastened on QUICK polymer castle. Surplus belt inserted into the plastic buckle with two slits. To prevent rocking the bottom of the backpack to the belt pritachivayutsya straps are inserted into the steel buckle of the main compartment. For pristёgivaniya carbines over the side pockets are attached belt loops. Backpack is made from 100% polyester fabric plain weave density of 900 gr. / M². polyurethane water-repellent coating. The lower part of the main compartment cut out from 100% polyamide fabric of plain weave, density of 1000 gr. / M². with reinforcement thread. All pockets and main compartment backpack are at the bottom drainage holes with eyelets.

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