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Bag black carry (zip) 1. Used to carry BZ, BNZ, ZHTM, ZHTMS and other equipment. 2. It has a main compartment with zipper. Dimensions (VhGhSh
Baul TU 8787-001-00304183-2014 Included in the season set a base Uniform (VKBO) Designed for the transport and storage of personal belongings of
Used by VDV units for packing their clother, during detached duty. Very light and can fit a lot of items. Volume - 80l.   ..
This warm and soft Sleeping Bag was created in middle of 50-x year for Soviet Army Soldiers. Used in most conflicts untill end of 90-x. Used in Afgani
Bag designed for carrying any kind of military MVD,FSB helmets. Made of high quality fabric, very durable. ..
Designed for use in the transport-unloading system UMTSS (ZhTU 6Sh112) or any other set of combat individual equipment,equipped with a modular system
A sanitary bag designed to store and carry medicines to provide honey. assistance in field conditions far from the source autonomous support. Bag volu


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