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Review the set of Ratnik

  • 04 February 2019 00:00:00
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Equipment from the Ratnik set

Armor protection
  1. combined Arms helmet 647, which today is recognized as one of the lightest helmets (weight about 1 kg) with a high level of protection (protection from a shot of PM from a distance of 5 meters), suitable for use under temperature conditions from -50∞C to +50∞C. the design of the helmet allows the use of communication means (active headphones), night vision device and a tactical flashlight.
  2. the Vest 6B45 is a modification of the vest 6B43. Depending on the plates used, it provides protection 5A or 6A class (protection against SVD). The body armor is modular, it means that it allows you to use some of its parts at discretion. Fully equipped protects all vital organs. It differs from its predecessor 6B23 in that it has an integrated UMTBS system for placing pouches, as on combined arms unloading systems (the system is compatible with pouches "MOLLE", "PALS").
  4. Protective kit 6B49, which is designed to provide additional protection of the limbs and face from shrapnel, as well as negative natural phenomena. Protects shoulders, elbows, knees, hips from falling out of the gun PM. It consists of a suit, mask, gloves, lining, damping parts.
  6. 6b50 Glasses to protect the eyes and part of the face from splinters or external irritants. Perfectly combined with protective helmets.
  8. protection Kit knee and elbow pads, elbow pads and knee pads 6Ѕ51. The kit will protect you when you fall on the asphalt surface. Do not restrict movement and do not RUB.

Equipment "transportation" system

The kit "Ratnik" provides a comfortable system of carrying ammunition and other equipment. The serviceman can place pouches on a bullet-proof vest or on a special unloading vest 6sh117 which can be used together with a bullet-proof vest. The vest uses UMTBS technology, for which a number of removable pouches are designed.

Additional equipment

  1. Complete the "Warrior" have provided everything that you may need to servicemen, including watch 6Ё4-1, which possess anti-magnetic and anti-shock properties. The body is made of stainless steel, the mechanism - "Vostok 2616" with automatic winding. The watch is water resistant to a depth of 20 meters. As befits such a watch, the dial and hands have a fluorescent coating for using at night.
  2. Universal knife or multitool 6E6, made of durable steel. It consists of: blade, saw for wood with integrated ruler, saw for metal, two screwdrivers, pliers, awl.
  3. Active headphones GSH-01 (index 6 M2)to protect the hearing. The design consists of two connected headphones, microphone, grid. The left headphone has buttons to adjust the volume. Headphones are convenient to use both with a cap and with helmets (including 6b47).
  4. Lantern 6E2, which can be fixed on the unloading system and the helmet, is designed for both standard lighting path and for signaling. It has four color options (classic white and also green, red and blue), strobe function, brightness adjustment.

Peculiar properties

  • Total weight of entire set is approximately 20 kg, given that most of that weight is body armor.
  • Most items of equipment operate in the harshest weather conditions and temperatures from -50C to +50C.
  • Performing combat missions in the kit "Ratnik" is conveniently up to 48 hours.
  • The equipment is made in coloring "EMR Leto" ("Figure of the Russian Federation", "Russian Figure", "Figure flora"), as well as in KBO. "Ratnik" is convenient to use together with your favorite level of equipment WKBO. Additional equipment, WKBO also integrated into the equipment "Ratnik".
  • The kit is versatile and suitable for both land-based paramilitary units and troops.
  • Protects all vital organs and joints.
  • Modular unloading system makes the transportation of the layout as comfortable as possible.
  • "Ratnik" is convenient to use with any type of weapons, which is used today by the Russian armed forces, from a pistol to a machine gun.
  • The rest of the contact information can be found in the contacts section.
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