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Body armor 6B45/43 review

  • 14 November 2016 11:59:48
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Body armor 6б45/43 review:

Begin with the materials. Not dwelling upon waste fiction, in a nutshell and actual facts.
-Wear proof.
-Of high quality.

Of course there are certain exceptions, though overall practical application of both the 45th and 43rd, which almost stand for one and the same safety armor, has highlighted their benefits and drawbacks. The disadvantages are of “tactical nature”, which means that they can be easily eliminated if you are skilled enough. There is nothing deathlike about it. For the perspective of strategy, the body armors deal with the issue of portable body armor facilities. At least within the next decade for sure.
As for the 43rd, let’s look through the major differences between the 45th and the 43rd.

Sewed-in aramid.

Which means that there is non-removable aramid in the 45th. Aramid is not placed into waterproof packet, so there are definite nuances associated with its application. As we all know, soaking leads to the drop in characteristics, and prolonged damage of agamid tissue itself, the advice is to provide water protection of your body armor. The preferable and the simplest option is to rip off the tissue on cover and wrap it with polyethylene. More complicated alternative is to paste it over with the several layers of armoured scotch tape.
Key point — leave several cutouts for ventilation. The best choice is to glue over the fabric cover with scotch, in the shape of aramid pack, and to insert aramid into it. In this case sufficient ventilation prevents accumulation of condensed water. We use body armor in varied climate and geographic environment, circadian temperature difference should be also taken into account, and therefore this issue should be decided immediately, without delay.


Here we can see dramatic distinctions. The fitting of the 45th is realized with the use of a hook faced fastener, as for the 43rd – here we can observe fastex closure.
These are the major differences.

Neck section. Standing and lowered. 
By and large — 4/5 points.


— Standing wearer comfort. The creation of this collar is rather challenging, and this stands for success.
— Principled possibility to turn down the collar. And it is not quite a few. In everyday use and in field setting, it is important. 


- While using, the collar often “falls”, so in some cases it fails to keep its shape.

Being wearable. In defense position — you can take the gage of splinter protection.
It would be loose unfastened in the middle.
Hook faces at the bottom.
Any way, if you are supposed to render assistance, to monkey with equipment, or just falling asleep in dover – it is more comfortable to do everything when you are free to turn your neck.

Detailed view. On the top we can see unfastened neck section. There is a double hook face, which holds tight. No worries here about accident unfastening. 
Next, on the bottom to the left, there is a frog cable. And to the left you can see a backing bar. It promotes the pointing convenience for shoulder weapon, and stands as the ammunition fixation point over the armor. It holds the slings and straps of warn ammunition, weaponry and packs.

And now in the matter of body armor fast drop. There is a ribbon above the finger – here is the fast drop itself. To be more precise, one of its components. If you follow the ribbon to the front of neck section, you can identify here the thing that is to be pulled, the part of a collar.
Even in “standing” defense position – you can tear it out thanks to the small Velcro area. Thus you can pull the identified ribbon. And this is how body armor “disintegrates” into 2 parts. Later, it can take you substantial time to arrange it again, so in live combat conditions the use of this option is rather serious.
The top photo displays the side shoulder access, designed for the realignment of fast drop cable.
Far and by — we have high quality fast drop, simple and operating. I, for one, prefer ripcord handle, though the option of fast drop in this body armor seems to be curious, elegant and deserves high praise of its designers.

Internal view. Standard CAPs (climate amortization panels) are placed only on the front and the back part of body armor. Side CAP’s are to be bought separately.
To the right, we can see the fastening principle of body armor — firstly, the bondage is hook-faced, followed by lowered upper section and tightened side fastex closures.

Now we skip to the back view. As we can see, the functional provides means for the cartridge carrier positioning at the side MOLLE-slings and lumbar section. The manufacturing company assigns it as a breadbag. I wouldn’t. It’s not ergonomic and really uncomfortable to use it in the stated manner in live combat conditions — difficult to open and take something out of it. It’s more preferable to use it as the lower base for suspended water pack.
And here we face the other problem. Field practice proves that the water pack is supposed to be easy detachable for rapid filing.
Even Camelback (the world’s best water pack manufacturer), with their back pump system, i.e. reversed filling of water pack through drinking hose, stands for underwhelming solution. The time is usually getting on, and even if there is some spare time, it is sufficient only to dip up with a flask, or detachable water pack, placing it under water head or dipping into the water body.
Apropos of body armorу — we can conclude that mostly MOLLE lumbar platform is to remain unengaged. So what’s the use? Instead here we can place evacuation rope. In more exact terms, the quick link to fix it.
Side MOLLE-slings facilitate in the arrangement of all the required ammunition. I am satisfied about it, faultlessly – everything is convenient.
Now we proceed to armor plates and their fixation. Standard plates — Гранит 5А (Granite 5A). In effect of bullet resistance it corresponds to the 6A threat level, while having reduced weight. The weight of the size one ~ 2.5 kg, two ~ 2.8 kg, three ~ 3 kg.
The right part of photo demonstrates hook-faced pocket for the plate insertion on the back. It is represented here, and here is a certain thing that may be news to most of us. There is a pocket facing for lumbar plate under the plate and the corresponding pocket. The standard set does not have it.
Summarising the talk— perfect plates, unkillable ceramics, quality and low price. That doesn't happen very often. The best plates in the world, undoubtedly. ESAPI pales before it.
Add-ons are each to one’s taste. Guided by what’s necessary. In the relevant job profile, armor plates can be installed into the side and lumbar pockets.
Key point— side plates are unified with groin pads, in normal-people speak – they are the same. In other words, we take three for sides and one for groin.

Fast drop system. The access from below, lower double hook-faced fastening, and after we have branded Techincom slings with silicon pads.
We open it and see the side plate positioning system of body armor. Safe and simple. Fast drop is arranged quickly without any fuss.

6б45 appearance on the body. Splinter-proof and bullet-proof covering, which protect the frontal area of vital body systems, are visible on the photo.
Evacuation lоop sling – no comments. You can explore and put value on it by yourself.
Key point — plates have different height parameters with the same width.

Side view. As it has been mentioned before, it is possible to insert side plates.

Now we shift to the issues of interaction for body armor and worn equipment.
Comfort at any position. It’s even possible to put on ammunition vest SMERSH (Produced by SEU (ССО – name in Russian) or any other. As for contact with helmet – convenient at any position. Back cutting-out on the collar of body armor makes it possible to move the head in prone position.

Additional issues and application options.
Water pack — fixation options: via evacuation sling and lumbar MOLLE – platform, with the additional fixation in the area of evaсuation sling loop.
Packs— no conflicts detected. Everything is convenient – from assault pack to 60-litered pack from the 6б38 set.
Sides — alternate layouts for combat SMERSH+6б45. Load Bearing system SMERSH — “closed” cartridge carrier line, and open second “assault” line.
Breadbag — convenient, accessible, conflict-free. The part of load goes through breadbag to the lumbar area, which is decisive advantage.
АК cartridge carriers — frontal four-magazine АК block.
Convenience: 5/5.
It is really comfortable. I have nothing to add.
Reliability of garment accessories: 4/5.
Fastexes are easy to replace. The rest is more than satisfactory. Chip and very reliable.
Reliability of protective elements: 4.8/5.
The best ceramics. As for the soaking of aramid pack – it is needed to get in front of this.
Weight: 4.5/5.
Depends on the size and plates: 10 kg ± 3 kg.
For the given threat level it is not too much, it’s like favorite T-shirt, your wife’s present J, taking it of even for having a shower is equivalent to sacrilege J.
The area of splinter protection: 4.5/5.
Around 63 decimeters. Almost entire coverage of all vital body parts. Only collar and groin protection have a bone to pick with.
The area of bullet protection:4/5.
Maximum size equals to approximately 30 decimeters, in standard — two-plated set. Rather considerable and sufficient.
Price: 5/5. Trust me, the price of body armor is underappreciated. Take two!
Interaction with other equipment: 5/5.
Testified by Load Bearing Equipment and heavy 80-litered packs.
Fast drop: 4/5.
It would be better to finish sewing of tear-out loop on the frontal area of collar protection.
From my experience, when you are wounded, you have minimum time and power to tear out the neck hole of collar, and in some cases it can have fatal outcomes. But if there is a loop, it would be easier to adjust the direction vector of a snatch and to exert the full force.
Field of application: “Tanks, foot troops, artillery fire”, which corresponds to most hellish conditions.

Body armor 6B45/43

War. It is effective within real combat situation , and its more than sufficient for tactic work.
Conclusion: 4.5/5. One of the best body armor I used that is produced by domestic manufacturers. In my opinion – it is the best body armors in service.
My choice. This body armor and the hands of skilled person represent substantial health and survival investments.
Do not take any chances with the happy childhood of your kids and dear ones, having their own father safe and sound.
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