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Desert Camouflage

  • 14 may 2018 14:59:55
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Desert camouflage, designed specifically for the armed forces of the United States, who fought in the Middle East. Served as a replacement for the previously used 6-color desert.

The problem of 6-color desert camouflage was that the color of the desert area varied from terrain to terrain, from pink to blue.

The replacement of 6-color desert camouflage with the coloring of 3-color desert began in 1999, but 6-color camouflage was used as long as it was in army warehouses.

Today, the coloring of 3-Color Desert is actively used by the armed forces of the Netherlands, Israel, Australia and other countries. With active use, this camouflage is replaced with the following camouflage: ACUPAT (AT-Digital), Multicam, Desert Digital.

 Camouflage 3-Color Desert was created on the basis of the famous American camouflage Woodland, which was used by Americans in the jungle and in European forests.
Camouflage performed its role perfectly in a desert area, but in some places the Americans still used Woodland, because the 3-color desert did not give proper camouflage.
Today, 3-color desert can be seen, both in films about the war in the Middle East, and in military style clothes, it's one of the recognizable camouflage.
Desert Camouflage
Desert Camouflage
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