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Features of the organization and conduct of an ambush

  • 21 July 2017 14:22:12
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Subversive groups or rebel groups operating on the territory controlled by the enemy. And in most cases, unlike their opponent, they do not have heavy weapons. Therefore, the main factors of success for saboteurs in the organization of ambushes will be the surprise of an attack and a competent choice of a place for an ambush. The third rule of the ambush: time, place and balance of power is chosen by the organizer of the ambush - the saboteur. If subversive "not satisfied" opponent team may skip column without revealing itself. Suddenness is achieved by the secrecy and the prearranged location of saboteurs in disguised positions.
The choice of location for an ambush should ensure:
A) a good overview and sufficient sectors of shooting, so most of the organizers of ambushes prefer to have their positions on the hill;
B) the secrecy of the location from the observation and fire of the enemy;
C) safety of escape routes (it is desirable to have several routes);
D) difficulty maneuvering capabilities of the enemy. The last factor for a successful ambush is the most significant. The correct choice of a place with the use of terrain conditions in its own favor will allow even a small group of saboteurs to inflict significant damage on a numerically superior enemy and escape from persecution with impunity. The most favorable in this regard are the mountainous and heavily crossed reliefs, on which it is easiest for the saboteurs to maneuver the enemy and to ensure the safety of their flanks and rear.
For the difficulty of maneuvering capabilities columns of the enemy ambush site chosen: on the road running along the cliffs and steep slopes of the hills, along rivers, canals. In such conditions, the enemy column can move only along the road; On sections of roads with large slopes and steep turns, which makes it difficult to maneuver vehicles of the column; In the absence of capture or inspection tasks, so that between the positions of the ambush and the enemy there was some formidable obstacle (river, ravine, etc.).
For the immobilization of the column, explosions of landmines and simultaneous volleys on head and closing machines, rock falls or rubble from large trees are used.
Since the battlefield is chosen by the organizers of the ambush, the saboteurs have an excellent opportunity to use such powerful weapons as mines and guided landmines. Competent mining of the ambush site allows even a small group of saboteurs to destroy a numerically superior enemy or, at least with one blow, significantly reduce its fire advantage.
Therefore, it is quite fair to say: "It does not matter what the strength of the enemy, it is important how many diversionary groups there are in their possession." The peak of skill in the organization of ambushes in the army special forces is the fulfillment of the assigned combat mission without the use of small arms, only by using mines.
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