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Front line transition

  • 13 July 2017 21:11:56
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Transition is in any case a difficult task. If you can not determine the location of its troops, it should remain in place and to monitor the direction of movement of enemy troops or supply routes, with the sounds and flashes that are characteristic for the battle, as well as the direction of the trunks of enemy artillery. Upon arrival in the area of hostilities choose disguised shelter, where you can see the band edge to a greater depth.
In addition, it is necessary to determine the route and choose the most distinct local objects for orientation at night when passing the front line to the friendly disposition. It is necessary to outline several route options, while trying to avoid the "light" approaches to their positions, as there is a high probability of their being shot or bump into an enemy patrols.
Stealth and camouflage all action plays a major role in ensuring a successful transition. On the one hand, this should be widely used all kinds of shelters: the bush and the forest, ravines and ditches, darkness and mist, funnels and destruction of engineering constructions (trenches, bunkers), lined with armored vehicles, field cemetery, etc. On the other - need special tricks: camouflage suits and coloring, diversionary explosions, fires, smoke screens, attacks.
Still need a lot of patience. It is not always the front line is the shortest way is the fastest. It is likely that in some shelters on the route of transition have to sit for hours and even days.
Most often, in this case one may be warmed, nor smoke, nor eat, nor even sleep properly. It is clear that the need to hide in those places where no sane person will not climb. All other locations (relative to whole buildings, haystacks, barns, caves) are regularly checked counterintelligence enemy. For the same reason we can not hope to overcome the water barrier on the bridge, causeway or local boats.
Typically, the front line trying to overcome at the joints between units, in any case, to avoid entering the reference points, the positions of snipers and the observers on the battery, field gates. Actually places the easiest to find in the marshes, areas of radioactive or chemical contamination. However, there is very difficult to move. In addition, you should always keep in mind such things as landmines, barbed wire, flares, patrols, the "secrets", night vision devices, shelling enemy positions on the part of his troops.
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