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Gorka Suit: What manufacturer is better?

  • 01 December 2016 01:21:17
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Gorka Suit: What manufacturer is better?

Suit “Gorka” is a unique example of Russian-made uniforms. The correct name – is a mountain windproof suit. It’s used by military personnel, hunters and fishermen, tourists.

 It is believed that they are based on suits of mountain huntsmen made in Germany during the Second World War. Those models were made of canvas fabric and consisted of trousers and anorak. Such equipment at the time had mountain units of the different armies. During the USSR war in Afghanistan there was a severe deficiencies in special uniforms. Highlands with strong winds demanded something more than usual for Soviet soldier equipment. Just then in 1981 the “Gorka” suit based on the German experience was created by experts. At the end of the war suit has not disappeared and due to its characteristics it stayed in the army and became available to civilians.
Characteristics of the suit and the appointment of “Gorka” are used to solve a variety of tasks. Suit was repeatedly tested soldiers in combat, it’s used by fishermen and hunters. Hikers and outdoor enthusiasts are also delighted with the outfit due to increased wear resistance and value. The main advantages of the costume: Canvas material is the basis of the suit, it protects from rain, wind and any weather; Used cotton allows the body to "breathe" in the heat and feel comfortable; Camouflage color suit will make you invisible; Suit jacket has an elongation of the back and loose fit, so you will not feel any inconveniences; The suit is adjustable and allows you to adapt it for various activities; A large number of pockets (depending on the model, there are five pockets in the jacket and six ones on the pants in the “Gorka-3”); There are overlays on the most wipe spaces for strength, knees are protected from stretching; There is a hood with adjustable and visor; Loose pants with fixing elements, gum is used in the belt and lower cuffs complete with suspenders; Increased durability, it is very difficult to tear or wear out this suit. Specific characteristics depend on the suit model. Currently the “Gorka-3” is the particularly popular.
It should be said that there are plenty of suits manufacturer. However, it’s a stretch to call “Gorka” the most of the models. How to deal with pseudo-suits? Classical gorka is made of canvas tent material, and many companies produce this clothing of mixed fabric. That's not saying that such suits are bad, but they are not the “Gorka”.

Types of suits.
The “Gorka” suits can be divided into several groups:
• Summer;
• Winter;
• Demi.


Purpose made for the harsh Russian winter, usually from foreign materials. The basis of this suit is membrane fabric, it protects from the wind and frost. Despite this the suit stays easy. It should be taken into account that for a warm winter the model will not work. The material winter model is made of:
Termoteks - dense material, instantly restoring the structure;
Alova - a material is made of several layers of textiles with membrane tissue. Very durable material and it weighs easy, retains heat;
"Cat's Eye" - the newest material, high strength and heat regulation, ideal for cold weather.


The classical model of the suit for a variety of tasks. Can be used as outer clothing or worn over the normal. It’s made of cotton fabric with a special twist yarns. This material resembles a tent, it is wind and moisture proof. Wet resistance is ensured by threads of material, which unwind and swell when getting wet, thereby they don’t pass the moisture. Outwardly, and by its characteristics, this suit is similar to the usual canvas. It is effectively used in the fighting, especially in forest-steppe zones. It is also used by special forces. It is popular among climbers, hunters, fishermen.


Production material – is a cotton fabric with a layer of insulated, is often additionally finished with rainwear fabric. It’s ideal for autumn and spring terms, has thermostatic properties. It fantastic masks in the forest or the mountains, allows to wear camouflage cloak.
Also, the costumes can be divided by usage.
“Pogranichnik”, “Izlom”, “Pixel” are widely used in the army, differs in type of camouflage colors.
“Flora” is for use in hazardous areas, merges with the vegetation in the forest-steppe zones.
“Zveroboy” is a special camouflage and protection from insects, the ideal model for marshland.
“Strazh”, “Rys”, “Alpha” - increased durability for special operations.
Basic models of suits and differences. Currently there are three basic models of the suit; they can be different in colors, types, and seasonality.


“Gorka-3” is a classic model, made of canvas material. It excellent masks in a mountainous and forested area, thermostatic properties, wind protection, increased strength.


“Gorka-4” - differs from the previous model in anorak jacket that is worn on top, over the head, there is a front pocket for cards and documents in the jacket.
“Gorka-5” – is made from rip-stop material. They can be different colors: olive, khaki, black, fog, digital, multicam, DPM, flora. Demi and winter models can be manufactured with using a fleece.
Manufacturers and choices:
There are only a few major manufacturers: “SoyuzSpetsOsnaschenie”, “Bars”, “Splav”. Which manufacturer is better? There are some features that distinguish the products of three major manufacturers (SSO, Bars, Splav), but you can be sure that you will not make mistake if you choose the products of one of these companies.

“SoyuzSpetsOsnaschenie” (SSO\SPOSN)

A more classic style with the introduction of solutions that have been used in the suits of the German forces during the Second World War. More fitted style, whereby the suit fits more comfortably than other models, vest sits better. The company mainly produces equipment for law enforcement agencies and the market do not come all the models and in small quantities. The models are called a distinguishing mark, “Gorka-E”, “Gorka-D” and others.


The production of this manufacturer is the most popular because of the quality and availability. That outfit of this company is designated by numbers, “Gorka-3”, “Gorka-4”, “Gorka-5”. The suits has built-elbow pads and knee pads made from neoprene, which can be removed if necessary. Newer models are reinforced in the most vulnerable places with rip-stop fabric, which improves durability. The fifth generation of the suits is made entirely from this material.


The suits are used in special forces, they have been repeatedly tested in combat. They are also available for the civilian population. The hood and the shoulder area reinforced with plates of mixed fabric. There is no the seam on the shoulders, it prevents getting wet. The valves on the pockets are triangular, that prevent bending.
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