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MRE, IRP. IRP Russian army. US dry rations

  • 11 December 2018 16:54:04
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General information

Packed lunches - is a set of products designed to cook soldiers and civilians in circumstances where there is no way to cook hot meals. Typically, such a diet is designed for one person. It should also be noted that such a kit may contain products as per meal, and for the whole day.

The most important requirements for dry rations

Packed Russian army from a similar range of products in other countries can be very different. But for them the general requirements are everywhere the same:

  • The possibility of long storage. In other words, such a kit should have no products, special storage conditions (for example, fresh fruit, vegetables, mayonnaise, sour cream, etc.) that are necessary.
  • The rations should only contain the easily digestible ingredients that are unable to cause allergic reactions, eating disorders and others.
  • Packaging such a kit should protect it well from dirt and water.
  • Products that are part of the dry food should be prepared or ready-to-eat easy.
  • Civilian or military rations must have sufficient nutrition and energy value.

There should also be such a number of special requirements that in some cases will be noted. For example, for food rations astronauts should not contain products that may splash and under the conditions of weightlessness dangerous crumb.

The composition of each diet

That contains a standard rations? The composition of the product set will be different. But mostly it includes the following components:

  • Freeze dried and dried products (dry dough, instant coffee, milk powder, etc.).
  • Preserves (for example, condensed milk, stew, sprat, etc.).
  • Biscuits (biscuits), biscuits or crackers.
  • Food additives and flavor enhancers (various spices, salt, spices, sugar).
  • Vitamins.

Additional equipment

In addition to food, civil or military units contains such additional equipment, such as:

  • Disposable tableware;
  • Tools intended for water disinfection;
  • Hygiene products (chewing gum, disinfectant wipes, etc.);
  • Means for heating food (e.g., game, dry fuel, etc.).

It should also be noted that neither Russian nor American rations contain any water. Drinking liquid or dispensed separately or generated in situ.

What foods are not included in the dry food allowed?

There are a number of foods that are strictly prohibited from entering civilian or military nations. These include the following:

  • Eat a burning seasoning or condiments, nitrites over 0.03%, the food contains table salt over 0.8%, alcohol, apricot kernels, sodium pyrosulfate, natural coffee, shortenings and cooking.
  • Unwashed products and shrinking vegetables and exotic fruits that are able to undergo rapid deterioration.
  • All perishable foods that require safety and quality require special temperature conditions.
  • Confectionery contains a creamy filling and a high percentage of cocoa.
  • Foods that do not have documents proving their safety and quality.

Scope of application

Today the free market can be found as the army and the civilian rations. The price of such sets is very different and depends on the products that are included in their composition.

It should be noted that the main consumers of these diets are military. They dry rations for food spent in field conditions when there is no way to use a full-fledged mobile kitchen.

In addition, a number of products are commonly used:

  • People who work in the night shift or by the clock in an environment where it is impossible to cook a hot meal for themselves.
  • Lotnymi compositions that provide longer nonstop, as well as redundant and alternative airfields.
  • Humanitarian organizations.
  • Crews of water vessels and submarines.
  • Savior.
  • Geologists, tourists and members of various expeditions.

A series of dry rations in the armed forces of the USSR

Put a daily allowance in the armed forces of the USSR in one person by the decision of the CPC of the USSR and the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) was approved. So from 1 June 1941 Russian soldiers rations are in themselves the following products: 

  • Rye biscuits - about 600 g (or rye bread);
  • concentrated millet porridge - 200 g;
  • concentrated pea soup - 75 g;
  • slightly one of the following: smoked sausages "Minsk" - 100 g, cheese (cheese) - 160 g smoked / suhovyalenaya roach - 150 g, suhovyalenoe fish fillets - 100 g, salted herring - 200 g, 113 canned myasnyeg;
  • Sand sugar - 35 g;
  • Tea - 2 g;
  • Salt - 10 g

Army set of dry rations in the 1980s

In the eighties used to supply the armed forces of the USSR rations, which consisted of a canned meat (250 g), two cans of meat and vegetable preserves - each 250 g (that is, rice or buckwheat with a small amount of beef), packaging black Crackers, bags of black tea, as well as large amounts of sugar.

MRE Russian army (IRP)

"Individual ration eat (rus - индивидуальный рацион питания)", the Russian Federation began to be used in the army since 1991. Today Russian Army MRE Food Ration Daily Pack two types of this series:

  • IRP-B, that is, an individual diet - to fight. It consists of four cans (canned meat, minced meat or paste, rice or buckwheat with pieces of beef and fish), 6 packs of army breads (mostly fresh cookies), 2 sachets of instant tea with sugar, dry concentrate of natural good fruit jam (usually Apple), 1 tablet of multivitamins, 1 instant coffee bag, 4 bags of sugar, tomato sauce, 3 - pills "Akvatabs" used for disinfecting drinking water, 4 tablets of dry alcohol (portable Razogrevatel), spoons, can openers, 3 igienicheskie vetrovodoustoychivye napkins and matches.
  • IRP-P, that is, an individual diet - daily. This set has a variety of rooms. It gets on the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and not very different from fight. However, the rations shown are slightly smaller in weight and calories. Very often it is used in everyday life when there is no way to organize a field kitchen.

So, in the IRP-U (№ 4) consists of the following foods:

  • Army rye crispbread - 300 g;
  • steamed pork - 250 g;
  • Amateur filling (can) - 100 g;
  • Street barley porridge with pieces of beef - 250 g;
  • Slavic buckwheat with pieces of beef - 250 g;
  • Concentrate for making a drink - 25 g;
  • Fruit jam (apple most common) - 90 g;
  • Sugar - 30 g;
  • Instant tea with sugar - 32 g;
  • Razogrevatel (kit with alcohol and dry pellets vetrovodoustoychivymi matches) - 1 St.
  • Multivitamin pills - 1 piece ;.
  • Opener packaging and cans banks - 1 piece ;.
  • Paper and sanitary napkins - 3 pieces.

Depending on the number of dry daily rations may vary their content. Thus, in the seventh sentence includes salt herring, meat stew with green peas, eggs, vegetables, cheese, two kinds of pastries and so on.

Despite the fact that different numbers PRI-P include various foods, such as field rations enough high calorie. Therefore during the entire march breakfast, lunch or dinner of a soldier (or a civilian) is able to get well enough after continuing his mission. In fact, thanks to the dry rations, there is no need to organize a field kitchen, which takes a lot of time and effort.

American MRE rations

The rations of the armed forces are called MRE. This is the English abbreviation that stands for the meal, ready-to-eat, ie, "The food, ready to eat." Typically, such kit is packed in the packaging sand-colored, made of thick plastic (the dimensions 25 x 15 x 5 cm). It shows the menu (24 pcs.) Number and name of the main courses.

American rations as well as the Russian but high calorie (about 1200 calories). Depending on the menu, it can weigh 500 to 700 grams. It should be noted that this sentence is designed for a meal. In addition to the main meals, it has a hot instant drink (coffee or tea) and cold, which is a powdered lemonade.

Dry rations MRE does not include the first one. However, there is a dessert in the form of biscuits, sweets, cakes and biscuits. In addition, the composition of such a kit may include soft cheese and biscuits.

To heat American food rations contains a special package that contains a flame-free chemical heater. That it can come into effect, it should pour a small amount of water, and then put with the drink or food in the bag.

The composition of the twenty four American rations

Below you can appreciate all kinds of individual diets of the US Army, and some NATO countries. Dry rations as the listed products necessarily contain components such as the two chewing gums, salt, a few sheets of toilet paper, cardboard trimmings, plastic spoons and wet wipes.

  1. Peanut butter, steak with mushrooms, dried meat, beans in a western, coffee, biscuits, milk powder, lemonade, sweets or chocolate, sugar and red pepper.
  2. Baked apples, pork chops (noodle), vegetable crackers, processed cheese, hot sauce, milkshake, sugar, coffee and milk powder.
  3. Potato sticks, dumplings with beef, white bread, cream cheese, chocolate biscuit, hot sauce, powdered lemonade, sugar, coffee and milk powder.
  4. Soft cheese, chicken, land, biscuits, pasta with butter, hot sauce, biscuits with jam, cocoa "mocha cappuccino", sweets, sugar, coffee and milk powder.
  5. White bread, roasted chicken breast, chocolate biscuit, goulash, apple, tea with lemon and sweetener, jelly, cocoa, sweets and spices.
  6. Boiled rice, chicken with sauce, raisins and nut mix, soft cheese, hot sauce, vegetables, biscuits, milk powder, coffee with a fruity aroma, sugar and tea bags.
  7. Illustration in mexican, chicken with spicy vegetables, soft cheese, biscuits, sweets, biscuits, vegetables, tea with lemon and sweetener and hot sauce.
  8. Beef tenderloin, cream cheese, pretzels and cheese, barbecue sauce, wheat bread, hot sauce, lemonade, tea with lemon and sweetener.
  9. Beef Stew, Vegetable Crackers, Cream Cheese, Hot Sauce, Milkshake, Chocolate Cookies, Sugar, Coffee and Milk Powder.
  10. Soft cheese, pasta with vegetables, vegetables bread, cake, red pepper, cocoa, milk powder, coffee, sugar, chocolate or sweets.
  11. Spaghetti in tomato sauce with vegetables, dried fruits, sweets, peanut butter, cake, tea with lemon and sweetener, crackers, spices and cider.
  12. Pie with rice and beans, filled cookies with fruit, muffins, biscuits, dried fruits, spicy and spicy sauce, peanut butter, tea with lemon and sweetener.
  13. Dumplings filled with cheese, applesauce, muffins, peanut butter, sweets, tea with lemon and sweetener, apple, crackers and spices.
  14. Cake, spaghetti sauce with vegetables, peanut butter, salted roasted peanuts, biscuits, dried fruits, tea with lemon and sweetener, spices and cider.
  15. Mexican beef with vegetables and cheese, Mexican rice, lemonade, biscuits with pieces of chocolate, vegetables, biscuits, cream cheese, coffee, sugar, hot sauce and milk powder.
  16. Soft cheeses, sweets, chicken noodle, vegetable crackers, raspberry applesauce, biscuits with figs, spicy sauce, cocoa, sugar, coffee and milk powders.
  17. Noodles in Chinese, Japanese beef, jam, sweets, cookies with peanut butter and cheese, sugar, soft drinks, white bread, milk powder, coffee, chocolate or sweets, red pepper.
  18. Turkey breast with sauce and mashed potatoes, chocolate, pretzels and cheese biscuits, hot sauce, lemonade, sugar, peanut butter, coffee and milk powder.
  19. Cooked wild rice, cookies, jam, cocoa, oatmeal cookies, beef with mushrooms, coffee, hot sauce, milk powder and sugar.
  20. Crackers with peanut butter, wheat bread, soft cheese, hot sauce, milkshake, sweets, spaghetti with meat sauce, coffee, sugar and milk powder.
  21. Cake, hot sauce, baked chicken cheese, jam, crackers, sugar, teabags, milkshake and milk powder.
  22. Rice with vegetables, oatmeal cookies with chocolate, sugar, sweets, soft cheese, soft drinks, white bread, coffee, hot sauce and milk powders.
  23. Pretzels, hot sauce, chicken with pasta, peanut butter, cakes, soft drinks, white bread, sugar, coffee and milk powder.
  24.  Mashed potatoes, baked beef with sauce, jelly, biscuits with stuffing, cocoa, vegetables, biscuits, sugar, coffee, milk, sweets or chocolate, red pepper.

Ukrainian food packaging

Each country develops its own individual dry rations for the army. Ukraine produces disorder, much like Russian. This set is designed for three meals (ie breakfast, lunch and dinner). It typically consists of biscuits made from wheat flour, canned meat and vegetable stock, meat broth, fish or canned meat, jam, sugar, soluble tea concentrate fruit drink, multivitamin preparation "Geksavit" plastic tablespoon, caramel, paper and sanitary napkins.

Dry food for children

According to the sanitary and epidemiological requirements, dry rations for children should include the following foods, which does not require special storage conditions:

  • still mineral water (bottles) - 500 ml;
  • Nectars and fruit juices and natural plants - 500 ml;
  • ready to use fortified beverage industrial production - 250 ml;
  • Soft drinks, juice - 200 ml;
  • Hard cheese vacuum-packed - 60-100 g;
  • unsalted and unroasted nuts (cashews, almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts) - 20-50 g;
  • dried in a vacuum upakovke- 50 g washed;
  • Biscuits, crackers, biscuits, rusks or drying;
  • bitter or dark chocolate with a high content of cocoa;
  • Canned fruits, vegetables and fruit purees - 250 g;
  • Jam, jam, marmalade - 40 g;
  • Rye bread, wheat bread and cereals;
  • attached baby cereal fast food - 160-200 g;
  • breakfast cereals;
  • Beef stew in tomato sauce:
  • concentrated chicken broth, beef;
  • dry, not fat cream;
  • Vegetable and grain toppings (preserves);
  • Condensed milk - 30-50 g;
  • Drink tea bags, cocoa and coffee.
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