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  • 14 November 2016 12:11:27
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One pair of good quality and light boots with membrane is enough for me! You’d better pick GoreTex models (see below) – there’s nothing better than it. I also advice to choose the boots with high quarters.

Salomon forces quest gtx is a good pair of shoes, but its outsole is too firm. You legs are faster to get tired, and running in it represents a nasty business.
It is extremely unadvisable to loosen the purse strings as for shoes!
The next thing that you need: water-wicking socks, otherwise there is no sense in having a membrane. And do not buy into the tales that woolen sock over cotton sock are to maintain sufficient water absorption. It’s a last century. The best thing I’ve worn - Bridgedale Coolmax Liner, but if you have no desire to overpay, you can try something by “Splav”.

I ignore gum boots. If you are to trample in the mud, it’s better to use legging. We can also use them to avoid water penetration at the upper part of boots. You can pick the simplest option.
And small military life hack: if your legs get wet, you can crack the problem by using sanitary towel as an inner sole. You should have some in your pack.
Armor protection.
Assault vest and lightweight plate carriers - that’s a crap! As long as you are not in the Special Forces – forget about this bullshit!
Body armor should have the largest available first class protection area! More than 80% of battle injuries have splinter origin.
The best option among locally produced body armors is the 6Б45. There is also a defender, but it’s rather expensive. If you have authorized old 6Б23, I offer to enhance it by refined cover with MOLLE-slings. No matter if superiors beef you for dress infraction… in any case try to find this cover. During the battle, all at once ain't give a shit of what you are dressed in.
Armor plates. If your body armor has steel armor plates - hell with that! Armor-piercing bullet 5.56/5.45 mm would blast it for sure, as for armor-piercing bullet of the 7.62х39 chuck, probably, it would get cracked, and the bullet is supposed to burst into fragments and cause hideous injuries, we can also add here after penetration contusion trauma and other life pleasures.
It’s better to find polymer armor plate “Гранит” (Granite) from the mentioned 6Б45 (it’s not so expensive if to compare with its foreign equivalent). It has 5А threat level – that’s enough as for the most battlefield threats. And if you are short of money, it’s OK and enough to buy one for the chest. Any way, if the enemy attacks you from the back, the body armor is not reliable anymore.
Armor helmets. Among the army variants I can mention two excellent options - 6Б47 and 6Б7-1м. I haven’t used something else – so there is nothing to add here.

Original hanger of these helmets should be replaced by something more comfortable. We can pick American hanger (or Chinese alternative, if the money is tight), mount it on the helmet and strongly simplify our life.
Another thing. The helmet should fit your head with active headphones!
Tactical vests. You can place all the necessary outfit on the body armor with molle and tactical belt. If you are obliged to wear tactical vests like 6sh112/116/117 in duty bound, I recommend you to use firmer cartridge pouches instead of original ones – they will not dangle while running and it would be easier (faster) to get out and put back the cartridges.

As for war/tactical/combat belts (name it as you wish). I think that this thing is really necessary and helps you to distribute the load from shoulders to belt. Thus we reduce gravity center which is also very important. Moreover, it’s impossible to place all the outfit on body armor if there is no tactical vest.
If funds permitting, choose Stitch Profi, if not – the one produced by “Splav”.
Holster. Any variant seems good, except the regular :) I like plastic holsters “Alfa” made by Stitch Profi. They produce models for the most popular guns. Nice quality for little money. I recommend!
You will need two backpacks. One for 60-80 liters (or a big bag), which is supposed to be left at the camp.

The second one – assault backpack, 20-30 liters. The better option is the one having simple waist belt. Fast drop is a good thing, but not compulsory.

Ballistic goggles
Open- or close-type as desired. Closed models are more subjected to weeping. Anyway you need antifog. I recommend 6б34, 6б50 or Oakley. No “made in China” if you are not going to spend the rest of your life with a guide dog!
Joint protection
Knee pads are extremely necessary thing. Otherwise, both, your pants and knees would get out of order. The option is to get tactical pants with sewn-in knee pads. They do not slide while crawling, do not hamper and do not cause difficulties in blood circulation.
Elbow pads are not so applicable. I’ve pushed the foamy pieces of organic mat into the special elbow pockets. It makes prone firing more comfortable, especially, when you lie on stones or broken brick. It’s better when you have less staff to distract you during the battle!

Active headphones
If you are supposed to operate in buildings – it’s a must-have. Though it’s might be useful in other cases. If you have enough money – pick MSA Sordin, with radio and mike output, otherwise - domestic GSSH-01
Shooting gloves must be strong and convenient.
Dense pants and jacket. In a perfect case – tactic uniform with sewn-in knee pads. Avoid Chinese copies. There are some reasonably good native items - Garsing, Giena Tactics.
Underwear. No cotton! Buy fine water-wicking thermal underwear. Its task is not to heat but to perform water-wicking function. All seasons clothing system (VKBO) is satisfactory.
VKBO fleece jacket is also all right.

Raincoat. No matter if it rains, when you have water and wind proof VKBO, you will not get wet. Insistently recommended.
A few words about VKBO. WWP (water and wind proof) suit, underwear and fleece jacket – here are the three most recommended things from this system.
All other particulars
Tourist mats. We received regular ones of poor quality. If you have spare money – you’d better by thick and folding mat.
Hydration pack. Great stuff! While rest during marching you can be so tired that can't be bothered with taking out the flask. I advise you to pick high quality models, but always keep electrical tape or plaster for repair.
Knife. That’s enough to have folding pocket knife with good lock. I use Kizlyar BikerZ – excellent quality for that kind of money. Yeah, and don’t forget a knife stone – keep one per group.
Multitool. If you are mine technician, this thing might be indispensable for you. Chose the one with detonating fuze crimping and give it to fitter in order to bore as per Russian national standard. NATO models are thinner.
Headlamp with red filter. There are domestic army models with helmet hangers - ФСС-014 and so on. I’m definitely satisfied.

GPS and communication support are the issue for another article. I’ll do it a bit later.
First aid kit is at the same line, as well as optics.
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