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  • 12 February 2019 00:00:00
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Universal all-weather clothing for KSOR. 

The set of equipment for the KSOR (Collective rapid reaction force) has been used by the Russian army since 2009. Also, this kit is equipment for special purpose fighters who perform their tasks in hot conditions.

The set of clothes VKBO KSOR is universal and designed for almost any weather. All weather this set of clothes and provides the principle of layering (included CRRF provides 6 layers of equipment). Multi-layer equipment creates comfort both in the cold season and in the hot season. The use of a set of CSR is appropriate in the temperature range from -40∞C to +25∞C.

To purchase a full set of VKBO KSOR

The first layer

The first layer of the set of crusts is represented by a wicking thermal underwear, which consists of a classic set of underwear for men. The color of this layer is "olive". This layer absorbs moisture, which is released by the body and brings it to the outside. This layer is made of 100% polyester.

Second layer

The second layer of the set is a warm fire-resistant thermal underwear designed for cold weather. This layer is also made in the color "olive". The layer also performs a wicking function. It is worth to say that this layer is convenient to use as complete with the first layer, and without it. Thermal underwear made of wool (50%) and viscose (50%).

Third layer

The third layer of the set is made of fleece clothes. This fleece suit (jacket and pants), which also protects against wind, can be used as a sports suit. It is recommended to use this layer either with the first layer or with the second one. It is made of 100% polyester using Teflon pore membrane ePTFE.  Pants of this suit have a comfortable elastic band with a tie.  The jacket fastens with a zipper and has two sewn pockets.

Fourth layer

Fourth layer of clothing VKBO KSOR, a key layer, as represented in the form of field form in the camouflage colors of a sandy hue.  Made of polyamide (97%) and elastane (3%).  The jacket has a large number of pockets and a comfortable hood; sleeves are fixed with Velcro. The jacket fastens with a zipper, protected by an additional Velcro valve. The pants also have pockets, pants at the bottom are equipped with an elastic band, thanks to which the pants are comfortable to wear tucked into the shoes.

The fifth layer

The fifth layer is a suit that protects from wind and moisture, made of high-quality, breathable material (100% polyamide using ePTFE membranes). The jacket has a high collar, the position of which is regulated by a zipper, the sleeves are fixed on the Velcro. There is a volumetric hood.

The sixth layer

The sixth layer is a insulated suit. The clothing of the sixth layer is designed for very cold weather and is made of the same material as the fifth layer. The jacket fastens with a zipper, sleeves are fixed with Velcro. The jacket of this layer is equipped with a hood that is suitable for the most severe weather conditions.

The fourth, fifth and sixth layers are made in camouflage colors, which is designed for use in mountainous or desert areas.

In addition to these clothes, the set also includes socks (both summer and winter), shoes (summer and winter), authorized cap. Summer socks are made of wool (50%), polyamide (45%) and elastane (5%). Winter is made without the use of elastane in the following proportions: 64% wool and 36% polyamide. The shoes are made with the use of advanced technologies and materials.

As is customary, this kit is supplied in a bulk bag. The bag can be used as a backpack, travel bag, which can be worn in the hand or over the shoulder if desired. The set of clothes of KSOR, among other things, is equipped with a mask for cold weather, which can serve as a Balaclava.

To order a full set of VKBO KSOR

The set consists of 6 layers of clothing that can be worn separately or in the most suitable combination for a particular case. For example, in hot weather, it will be convenient to use only the first and fourth layer of equipment, and in cold weather at temperatures below zero will be comfortable in the second, third and fourth layer.
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