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Review VKBO (VKPO)

  • 04 February 2019 00:00:00
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VKBO(all-season set of basic uniforms) is a new field uniform of the Russian army. The full set includes 18 items of equipment. Most of the positions can be combined with each other to optimize the outfit for the temperatures from -40 ∞C to +15 ∞C. the equipment IS suitable for use in cold, wind, rain, warm weather. WKBO equipment is a system consisting of eight levels.

Clothing VKBO

Level 1

The first level of equipment in the BWC is a short or long drainage underwear. The difference between the short and long version is due to the temperature mode of use. Short version is a classic t Ц shirt with short sleeves and panties, long version-thermal underwear.  Clothes of the first level are dressing on a naked body. The main purpose of this layer of the kit is to regulate body moisture by air exchange in combination with absorption and removal of moisture. The first layer of WKBO is made of 100% polyester, which is typical for workwear. 100% polyester provides a high level of weather protection, wear-resistant and easy to care for.

Level 2

Level 2 - underwear fleece in the BWC - is the main layer in the cold. As the first level, underwear provides high-quality air exchange and moisture removal. The composition of the material from which the layer is sewn: 93% polyester, 7% elastane.

Level 3

Level 3 is a fleece jacket in the BWC, which is not only a great addition to equipment, but also practical everyday clothes. Varsana`s surface keeps the body warm. A distinctive feature of the first three levels is the air exchange, quick drying and elasticity. These properties are very important for the lower layers of equipment, as they are the guarantee of your comfort.

Level 4

Level 4 presents the jacket-a windbreaker, VCBO. This kit uses camouflage coloring "EMR Leto", generally accepted in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The jacket protects from wind and light rain. The texture of the jacet`s fabric (98% Цpolyamide, 2% Ц elastane), provides comfort during active physical activity.

Level 5

Level 5 kit Ц it's a suit jacket, VCBO. Ergonomic cut of the suit will protect you from the bad weather, including water repellent. The suit is designed for the needs of the army, but the potential of its capabilities was appreciated by fans of outdoor activities (hunters, tourists). The kit is easy to care for: it is easy to clean from dirt and dries quickly.

Level 6

Level 6-windproof suit in KBO-made of 100% polyamide with a membrane and is suitable for even more severe conditions than the previous layers of equipment. Sizing seams and additional reinforcement fabric on the elbows, knees and back provides increased wear resistance suit.

Level 7

Vest insulated in the BWC is the 7th level of equipment and goes well with other levels of clothing. The vest is made of 100% polyamide fabric with a membrane that provides thermal insulation, water resistance and moisture protection.

Level 8

Level 8-a suit WKBO winter, or just an insulated suit. The suit is suitable for low temperatures, 100% polyamide fabric protects from moisture, snow and wind. As in level 7, the suit has a high-quality insulation that does not absorb moisture and retains heat.

In addition to the previously mentioned elements, the outfit includes a summer suit. This costume was highly appreciated by fans of outdoor activities, including airsoft players: the costume is the main element in the modeling of units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The composition of the fabric from which the summer suit is sewn: 65% cotton, 35% polyester. High cotton content makes the suit comfortable and durable for long time wearing. A distinctive feature of the material is the use of rip-stop technology (reinforced thread), which increases wear resistance and strength of the material. As befits a casual suit for military purposes, it is strengthened in the areas of elbows, knees and back. The fabric is treated with an anti-mosquito agent that repels insects. There are matching shoes and cap for a summer suit.

Head protection

For protection from bad weather for throat and lower face there is adjustable in size scarf tube with ties; for head  protection -cap. The kit also includes a cap-mask, aka Balaclava in the BWC. Balaclava is made of a material consisting of 70% wool, 30% polyamide. Cap-mask protects the head from the weather, it can be used as Balaclava. For insulated suit has a cap-earflaps WKBO of 100% polyamide.

Hand protection

For hand protection there are wool gloves, mittens insulated with LPG, which are attached to the sleeves, insulated suit of the eighth layer.Insulation can be removed from the gloves to use them in the demi season. 

Order a complete set of VCBO BTK

VKBO Features 

  • On the upper levels of equipment there are sticky surfaces of Velcro, designed for mounting chevrons and insignia.
  • Cut of the equipment does not restrict movement.
  • The kit is supplied in a special bag-Baul (Baul WKBO, an analogue of the old army duffel bag).
  • The kit also Includes a tactical belt in the BWC, which is great for placing additional equipment on it.
  • Kit successfully combined with other tactical equipment, the armament of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation (for example, a set of Ratnik or Permian).

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