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Sniper: Lure to reflect the optical device

  • 18 April 2017 07:19:43
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The reflection of the front objective lens of the optical device is noticeable at different angles from it, because the lens has a convex shape and the reflection of the sun's rays diverges from it in different directions. Reflections from the front lens of the optical sight have unmasked and killed not one sniper and therefore were often used as a sniper bait.
To the mock-up of the rifle (any stick wrapped in scraps of green rags or camouflage net), a captured optical sight or any tube (even from cardboard - it is possible to use spent cardboard tubes of illuminating rockets, only wrap them in something black) is attached. Any convex lens from any broken optical device is inserted into the front of the tube. All this device is attached to some heap of branches representing the shelter, and from time to time the assistant, sipping a string, leads the bait into motion. Such a bait was perfectly caught snipers-mercenaries, who fought in the Yugoslav conflict.
Very good caught on such a bait and German snipers during the Second World War, but for greater effectiveness, artful Russian snipers tied behind the "optical sight" a cluster of rags in a helmet or in a cap, depicting the head.
Attention! The reflection of the optical device is most noticeable from the side when this device moves. But in this case, the main thing is not to replay! You can move one or two times an hour, no more. Otherwise, the enemy will suspect falsity. In advance, practice making such gleams in a safe place and observe from the side that it looks natural.
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