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DOF Boots

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Light colored olives, top combined - natural leather "Suede" + high-strength fabric from the textured nylon thread 1000D, thanks to which it
Reliability is lightness and simplicity, here are the main qualities that are inherent in this model, as well as a favorable price. The shoes have alr
Model 0060 / 1WA Very well recommended itself, as a city shoe for patrol duty service, security guards, special forces, employees of the Ministry of E
Ideal for a warm and hot climate, Olive's color allows you to use this model with different types of camouflage, such as Multicam and A-TACS. The
This model is very popular in all military structures. It is recommended to wear in winter. Has a large dimensional ruler, which is supported by the p
The model is made in combination with a high-strength fabric and a breathable natural leather Suede. The sole has high strength characteristics, wear
Light-weight birches are recommended to be worn in the summer period of time. Made in a combination of genuine leather chrome tanning with inserts on
Upper material-Natural leather "Krast" (1.8-2.0 mm) Lining material-lining Clasp-Cord Toe and back-reinforced thermoplastic material Val
This model Omega (5015 / 2WA) is a classic "tactical" police boot. The undoubted advantages of this model is that the front part of the boot
The classic model is a birch made of thick leather. The sole has high strength characteristics, wear characteristics, which increases the service life
High-strength field shoes with high boots 5005 / 1WA Storm are designed to protect personnel from injuries and harmful environmental influences in cli
Upper Material Genuine Leather Crust - High Strength Nylon Fabric Lining material- Lining Clasp-Cord Toe-cap and back-reinforced thermoplastic mate
Tactical shoe for employees of special forces, ChOP, training shoe for people who choose an active way of life and style of "militarians". I
Widespread model. Very comfortable and light. Many employees of the security services in spring and summer prefer this model. ..
Bats Oliva-cartoons with a high tibia. The main advantages of this model include light weight, the nose and back of the shoes has reinforcement, high-
Very popular model. It is used by many power structures. Very comfortable and comfortable to wear. Has a wide range (35-47). Constantly maintained
Field shoes with high Armada boots - 50003/1 WA with a soft edging, with a one-piece blind valve. Fast lacing to the full height of the birch. Inserta
This model is designed for medium and easy tracking, long walks. The lining uses a modern multilayer synthetic breathable fabric. It is recommended to
Upper material-Natural leather "Crust" (1.8-2.0 mm), Soft edging Lining Material-Mesh Ventilated Cayman Clasp-Cord Insole basic-Skin-card
This model is suitable for types of camouflage such as "Multicam" and the color of the equipment "olive". The shoe is made in comb
The main advantages of this model are lightness and convenience in use, which makes more comfort. Small openings on the mittens create air ventilation
High-necked boots are made of elastic chrome leather, microfibre lining, breathable material, lightning creates additional comfort, three-layer antiba
Upper material-Genuine leather "Suede" Clasp-Cord Insole basic-Skin-cardboard + KZH + Supinator metal Toe and Back-Reinforced Valve-blin
Classic model of men's shoes on natural wool-sheepskin. It is used both for everyday life and for various services, such as MO, PPS, MES, security
Field boots with high Storm Berms (5010 / 1WA), made of dense skin. Shock-resistant toe and back to protect the leg. A blind valve protects the feet f
Upper material-Skin substitute with polyurethane coating - Medium fullness Sole material-PU (± 40 С) Method of fastening the sole-Kleeproshiv
Trekking boot from combined skin, tibia is perforated, which creates an additional plus in the summer due to ventilation. The sole with reversible pat
A classic model of berts with thick skin. The sole has high strength characteristics, which increases the service life in general. Has a wide ra
Boots with a high tibia. Made of genuine leather with holes on the tibia. Recommended in the spring-summer season. Perforated leather on the tibia cre
Classical model of Berts. Intended for the winter season Recommended mode up to -30С Very popular in various military structures Constantl