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Knife folding boatswain Bundeswehr BUND

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A classic boatswain's knife, similar to that found in the fleet of any European country (and even outside Europe).

Bordmesser for military seamen of Germany began to be manufactured in the late 50's of the 20th century, it is still used today.

The Bundesmarine knife is a two-tool, it contains a blade with a slightly rounded point (the so-called "lamb leg"),which is traditional for sailors knives, and svayku (in English terminology - marlinspike, "thorn fish sword"). Svayka - a rigging tool,Used by seamen from the time of the sailing fleet, as well as by fishermen and yachtsmen. The main purpose of the pile is mini-crowbar,unraveling of dense knots, splitting of strands of cables, etc. The knife is opened manually, like any household and household fold.

The blade of the knife has a powerful and reliable spring, preventing the random opening or folding of the knife (and no backlash - this is Germanic quality!).

In addition to this, Svayka is equipped with a lock - unlike the British boatswain knives, most of the boat boats and many multitools.

This is done to avoid injury to the fingers during the operation of the stilts - sometimes serious efforts are required, though they are applied in all directions.

The pile is made here round, without faces, with a point like an awl, and is traditionally slightly curved. At the base of the pile is a small hook,which can be used both for rigging and for opening the bottle.

The handle is equipped with an antabuse (a ring for fastening a lamb or a safety lanyard), moreover, its location is such,which becomes clear: the main tool of this knife is precisely the swastika, and not the blade. However, the location of the antabaka does not hamper the grip even when working with a blade,nor when working with a stolen one. On the contrary: when the blade is open, the thumb rests against the antabuse, and the open lever of the lock extends the handle,creating an additional focus and point of control knife. The blade is made of high quality stainless steel, the blade is descended from the shoe.

The purpose of the blade is like a cutting tool, it is needed just to cut, whether it's a canvas, a rope or a piece of corned beef for dinner,they do not need to cut or chop - this is hampered by the shape of the blade and the above mentioned point "lamb's leg". It is also believed,that such a shape of the point is also designed to reduce the death rate in sailors' fights on the voyage, and also to reduce the risk of injury when working under conditions of heavy pitching.

The silhouette of the knife with the opened svayka and the lifted lock fine reminds a silhouette of a fish-sword (it is - "marlin"): once this fish was named after the marlin-svayki,Then the marlin-fish presented its silhouette to the sailor's knife. Navy Bundeswehr such knives were supplied by several manufacturers, in the photo - a knife produced by Jurgen Stamm (Solingen), the 80s of the 20th century.

A beautiful charismatic knife that can take its place in the collection of "shelf" knives, and can become a constant companion and convenient tool for every day.

Brand BUND
Weight 0,130 kg
Material steel
Colour black

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