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Admiral Nakhimov badge

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Brand:Russian Badges
Product Code:Badge of Admiral Nakhimov Navy award for committed deeds
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The sign of the order of Nakhimov is a convex five-pointed star, into which precious stones or stones painted in red enamel were inserted.
The edging of the star is made of black metal at the ends of the rays of which the legs of the anchor.
In the middle of the star is a circle with the inscription at the top of the circle "ADMIRAL NAKHIMOV".
In the center there is a relief image of Nakhimov.
Under the image of Nakhimov, in the lower part of the circle, two Laurel branches are depicted.
On the edge of the circle there are convex points.  
In the center is a threaded pin with a nut to attach the order to clothing.

The size of the sign of the order between opposite tops of the ruby star-56 mm.
Distance from the center of the sign to the top of the anchor-29 mm –
The order has a complicated structure and consists of four parts.
The main part is a five-pointed Strahl star.
The strals of the Golden star are located between the rays of the silver star.
The second part, silver, is a five-pointed radiant star, whose rays are executed in the form of anchors.
The third part of the order is a round medallion, located in the center and superimposed on the star.
The fourth part is the gold profile of Nakhimov, superimposed on the Central enamel medallion.
Five rubies in the rays of the silver star are also separate components of the order.


Brand Russia
Weight 0.0033 kg
Dimensions 3.5 x 3.5 cm
Material Metal alloy
Colour gold with purple and red

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