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Badge of a great soldier of the red Army

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Brand:Russian Badges
Product Code:Badge of a great soldier of the red Army
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The badge looks like this: from top to bottom along the edges of a slightly elongated wreath, at the bottom of its wheat ears, the spine of which reach the middle.

The upper part - from the garlands of oak leaves, connecting at the top of the red five-pointed star with a double collar.

At the bottom of the sign is a white shaped shield with the image of a hammer and sickle.

The center of the wreath is the image of the Spasskaya tower of the Moscow Kremlin and a fragment of the wall.
The spire of the tower rests on the star.

On this background the figure of the red army man in a greatcoat, a helmet, with two pouches and a gas mask is placed.

In his hands he three-line rifle model 1891/30 years. with fixed bayonet.

Below, on the inner edge of the wreath there is a red ribbon with the inscription: "EXCELLENT RKKA SOLDIER".

The whole sign is gilded.

Fastening with a pin and nut.

Brand Russia
Weight 0.0033 kg
Dimensions 3.5 x 3.5 cm
Material Metal alloy
Colour gold with white, red and blue

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