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USSR red Star Hammer and Sickle large

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Five-pointed Red star-heraldic sign, which was a symbol of the red Army, was presented on the flag and coat of arms of the USSR, flags and coats of arms of the Warsaw Pact countries.
It is one of the elements of the banner of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, emblems of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus, the Armed forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the PLA of China,presented as an element on the official symbols of some other States and their administrative units.
It is also depicted on the emblems of a number of sports clubs, such as CSKA and some companies.
In the USSR, it meant the unity of the world proletariat of all five continents of the Earth: the five ends of the star — the five continents of the planet. Red is the color of the proletarian revolution, it was supposed to unite all five continents with a single goal and a single beginning.
The five-pointed red star was a symbol of the red Army.
The red star was usually called the "Mars star" after the Roman God of war Mars.
In Soviet tradition, Mars symbolized the protection of peaceful labor.
Therefore, it is no accident that the red star is located above the planet in the coat of arms of the USSR.
The red star symbolized the liberation of workers from hunger, war, poverty and slavery.
Red star, as a symbol of the red army, was proposed by The military Board for the organization of the red army, the Creator of the emblem was the commander of the Petrograd military district Konstantin Eremeev.


Brand Russia
Weight 0.0022 kg
Dimensions 3 Х 3 cm
Material Metal alloy
Colour red and gold

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