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Glass Holder podstakannik coat of arms KOMBAT + Glass

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Product Code:Glass Holder podstakannik coat of arms KOMBAT + Glass
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Russian Traditional Tea Glass Holder podstakannik coat of arms KOMBAT + Glass!!!

Country/Region of Manufacture: Russian Federation
jewelry wedding ring necklace: tea

Russian traditional tea glass holder.
+ glass is included.

It has been traditionally used during travel in railroad cars for tea drinking so as not to hold the hot glass with your bare hands. It has become a symbol Russian.

Kolchugino factory (The former factory of a merchant of Alexander Kolchugin) Vladimir Region, Russia.

Diameter of a plate - 8.3 cm (3.27 inch)
Diameter for a glass - 7 cm (2.76 inch)
Height - 13 cm (5.12 inch)
Weight - 500 g 
Material - nickel-plated steel

Large-scale and bloody battles took place in Luhansk (at the time of Voroshilovgrad area). German enemy had a considerable numerical advantage and the Red Army had to fight hard defensive battle, reflecting the attack after attack. Photographer Max Alpert saw as the Soviet commander lifted out of the trench and the gesture of the hand with a pistol TT signaled to attack. The photographer managed to make a unique picture in a matter of seconds before the death of the soldier depicted. The last words of the commander, captured in this photo: "Follow me! For the Motherland! Forward!". Photo taken July 12, 1942, the author Max Alpert. The photo junior political instructor AG Eremenko (18 March 1906 - 12 July 1942), the 220th Infantry Regiment of the 4th Infantry Division of the 18th Army. He replaced wounded company commander and was killed, raising the fighters in the counterattack.

Item condition: New without tags, missing original packaging. 

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