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Ribbon for cap Navy

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The ribbon is black with the golden inscription "Navy" and the drawing in the form of an anchor at both ends (the method of application: embossing). It is made of dense cotton fabric.

Bleak appeared in Russia. The prototype of the cap was a forage cap - a uniform hat for foragers in the Russian army, which, with a small modification, was introduced as a uniform headgear for the sailors of the Russian fleet. This hat was different from the modern cap without the tape, dark green color and large punching numbers of naval crews on the shortcuts.

In November 1811, the cap was introduced into the Russian army as an everyday, everyday headdress in all parts of the army and navy.

From the middle of the XIX century. on white caps began to make white edgings - narrow white edges - a detail that has been preserved on modern sleeves.

In the seventies of the XIX century. the Russian fleet introduces a black cap with a ribbon bearing inscriptions of the names of the naval crew and the ship.

In addition, the tape served to keep windy weather cap on the head of sailors - the ends of the tape tied around the neck. The length of the ribbon was more than that of modern capsules and was about 160 cm.

Subsequently, along with the black ribbons were introduced St. George ribbons - by the name of the Order, having the same appearance as the modern Guards bands.
It should be noted that the capillary is a very convenient uniform fleet headdress and for this reason the capers were introduced in many fleets with some or other changes in the quality of the uniform headgear for sailors.

Order of 1921g. The cap was approved for sailors of the Navy of the Soviet (Russian) fleet. Since then, the cap was practically unchanged.

At the present time, the name of the fleet is applied to the tape of sailor captains, to which the ship on which the sailor serves is applied.

Brand USSR
Weight 0.010 kg
Material dense cloth
Colour black

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