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Soldier canvas belt with silver buckle

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Soldier's belt of the field model of 1955. Was created to carry field equipment.

Belt relied on sergeants and soldiers. From everyday he was distinguished by a dural-aluminum plate,which does not shine in the sun. This was done in order not to unmask the soldier.

A belt of soldier canvas lining with a silver plaque,heavy buckle has good fighting characteristics. It was only the belt to stop playing the role devices to hold pants and move to the upper clothing of the military,as to the design of its parts began to be treated with due attention.

Especially to the buckles of front and officer belts. Such a detail of military uniform as a buckle The belt carries certain information about the serviceman carrying it.
The belt canvas can help in any situation on fishing and hunting, in the campaign and in the process of physical work.

Material: stainless dural-aluminum, tarpaulin, leather ring for fixing the free end of the belt.

Brand USSR
Weight 0.212
Material tarpaulin
Colour khaki

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