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Military Helmet 6B47

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Genuine Russian Modern Army Military Helmet 6B47!!! (not replica!!!)

Country/Region of Manufacture: Russian Federation

Experts test center DuPont, one of the most respected in the world, recognized by Russian lightweight helmet 6B47 best in the world. There our helmet tested "in full" and the Swiss unanimously agreed: this is the best of light helmets, which they held in their hands. And given the appropriate conclusion. New helmet 6B47-Warrior in Switzerland was tested for Ballistic resistant. American standard provides for the use of such tests fragments FSP grains 17 (1,1 g) of cylindrical shape with beveled edges on the end. Swiss experts empirically established that Ballistic protection helmet "Warrior" or the speed V50% no penetration such splinter reaches 684 m / s. It is 14 m / s higher than the American helmet, helmet Sentry despite the fact that almost a half times heavier than 6b47. Helm, the supplied equipment "Warrior" has a three-layer structure - outside and inside the composite shell, and in the middle - discrete-fabric material. Thanks to almost any bullet like "unfolding" and lies on its side, almost 90 degrees. Protects from bullets fired from a Makarov pistol from a distance of 5 meters!


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