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RUSSIAN ARMY ORIGINAL TECHINKOM (UMTBS) UNIVERSAL HOLSTER TACTICAL VEST 6SH112 Country/Region of Manufacture: Russian Federation The pistol hols
Universal Leg Holster can be placed on leg. Can fit any Handguns, and have MOLLE platform for small pistol pouch. So, it"s useful item for any MV
MOLLE holser with ajustment for wide variety of handgun form like PM, Grach, APS, or any other Russian or NATO pistol. The top valve can be removed
• The pistol holster is universal and provides accommodation PM pistols, PMM, PB, APS, ACP, NH-18, PCOS, CP-1. • There is a version for wea
Operative hip holster (APS and analogues) ..
RUSSIAN ARMY UNIVERSAL HOLSTER EXTENDER ORIGINAL TECHINKOM (UMTBS 6SH112)! Country/Region of Manufacture: Russian Federation It serves for fixin
This holster created for Yarigin Handgun, but can be used for other type of Handguns! For example Glock, and others.  Can be placed on belt an
Durable, high-quality holster for a pistol PM. It has a moderately hard shell, sewed from strong, durable materials smoothly and accurately sewn
Designed to carry and retrieve a pistol Glock 17 . The holster is made so that the retention of the gun is due to the design of the holster over the t
This Adapter allow you to place your Fast Holster from Stich Profi on standart Molle platform. Made from durable ABS plastic. Can be attached to an
On the reverse side there is a mounting MOLLE, allowing to mount the holster and unloading system, and, if desired, on a belt.   The holste
Plastic holster with quick-locking mechanism and a fixed angle for a gun PM / PMM (Model №36)   Purpose: carrying a pistol PM or PMM and as
Hoster. Can be placed on Molle Platform. Suitable for Yarigin, G17/18, M9 and others. ..
Tactical Holster plastic quick-lock mechanism and a fixed angle to the gun Yarigin   Purpose: Yarygin pistol and wearing as quickly as poss
Universal Holster, can be placed on Molle. Can fit any handguns (PM, PM-m, Grach, Glock and etc). Made from durable fabric Cordura 1000D and come in 3
371, Holster "KP-PM" MOLLE, , $17.00, Holster "KP-PM" MOLLE, SSO/SPOSN, Holsters ..


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