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Fast Holster Yarigin

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Brand:Stich Profi
Product Code:Fast Holster Yarigin
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Tags: Holsters
Tactical Holster plastic quick-lock mechanism and a fixed angle to the gun Yarigin
Purpose: Yarygin pistol and wearing as quickly as possible to remove it from the holster with the sudden, transient firing contacts.
Material: high-strength plastic ABC resistant to all kinds of mechanical damage. Design features: The holster is provided primarily as an element of tactical equipment. Fixing "blade" allows you to quickly fix the holster on the belt.
Light and at the same time exceptionally strong, open design to provide the most complete control over the weapon ensures immediate recovery of weapons fingers of one hand.
Hold the gun in the holster occurs at the trigger guard by a release button, a large area which allows you to find it "blindly" and remove the lock by pressing the index finger, and the recovery and return of the pistol in the holster can be done without significant effort. Button bit "drowned" in the holster body, does not act and then accidentally pressed, for example, when leaning against the wall, it is unlikely.
The angle of rotation holster 60 degrees - 30 degrees from the vertical. Also noteworthy new, more ergonomic design.

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