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6B50 Ratnik Goggles

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Designer and manufacturer - JSC NPP "class."

Designed to protect  eyes and  face of the serviceman from shell fragments, mines, grenades, drops chemically aggressive (non-consumable) for fluids and oils, coarse sprays, thermal factors, weathering and mechanical damage in the management of all types of combat operations and the implementation of activities of daily activities .

Goggles consist of a body with a shutter, protective glass and headless tape.
Goggles can be used in conjunction with protective helmets.

It provides protection from shrapnel penetrating ability which is equivalent to the penetrating power of steel ball weighing 1.05 grams, with a diameter of 6.35 mm at V50% ≥ 350 m / s.
Headless tape has the ability to not less than one and a half of its elongation during stretching.
Weight - not more than 200 g
The surface of the protective glass has a coating that increases the glass abrasion resistance and reduces fogging of glasses.
Remember protective properties at ambient temperatures from -40 ° C to + 50 ° C.

The kit includes:
- Protective goggles;
- Case with fixings Mall;
- Microfiber cloth;
- Instructions for the care of protective goggles.

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