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Glasses "Scar" Track

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BB protected! Protect your eye from 700 fps riffle.


  1. Socket filters
  2. Socket for lenses with diopters
  3. cleaning cloth
  4. napkin holder for replacement lenses
  5. removable elastic strap for eyeglasses
  6. Soft Case
  7. case for transport and storage

Replacement filters:

  1. yellow
  2. smoky black
  3. smoky brown

Points of this class - this is the business card of the owner. They can lie on the beach, but they were born in order to reflect the snow-capped peaks soaring kites above the head and the passing scenery.

Stylish universal glasses with interchangeable lenses, thanks to its lightness, large viewing angle, tight fit to the face and good ventilation are ideal for extreme types of Sport (Airsoft and etc).

Replacement filters polycarbonate provides protection against sun, wind, dust, insects, sand, snow and other mechanical effects is safe for the eyes, since impacts are not broken.

Filters are protected UV400, i.e. a barrier to all types of rays whose wavelength less than 400 nanometers (and here includes ultraviolet radiation). Also included with mirrored lenses for 100% shielding his eyes from ultraviolet radiation, reflects the glare from water, snow, ice or wet asphalt.

Colored filters help to keep the clarity of perception in virtually any environment. Yellow filters are good in the fog or low light and increase contrast subjects. Smoke - reducing the brightness of sunlight and highlights without disturbing the color. Brown - provide high contrast. The kit includes an additional mount for lenses with diopters.

Slight bending arches, soft rubber grip and provide support bridge tight comfortable fit points. For complete confidence in the reliability, for example, during sports, you can replace the bow points elastic strap.

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