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Rasp shoe is designed for processing leather, rubber.

Rasp is a kind of tool such as a file. The rasp has the largest and most important sharp notch,which is mainly used for filing materials with a soft structure, wood, leather, bones, plastics, alabaster.

The rasp appeared soon after the file appeared. It is possible that the rasp is part of the experiment on the file,when the file was wanted to improve it gave it a different surface and realized that both types of tools are necessary in their own way.

And already in the 19th century the rasp was densely populated by workers and ordinary people. Thanks to the rasp on the wood, the original, rough unevenness. Rasp is mediocally divided into three profiles - semicircular, flat and round. The rasp itself has a handle holder and the file itself, which has large teeth, looks like a triangle. This is why it is used for the processing of materials having soft structure. When working with a rasp, everyone can clean the right amount of material, because from the chisel rasp fly out  large enough sawdust, in this way you significantly reduce the shape of the material over which you work.

Rasp is not only a versatile kind of file, but also an excellent assistant in the workshop business.

Brand USSR
Weight 0.175 kg
Material metal
Colour black

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