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The ax is a chopping tool, more often short-breasted and having a working blade, located along the handle.

A variety of ax, called teslom, has a blade, located perpendicular to the handle.

With a few exceptions, axes are used for working on wood. Since ancient times, the ax was also widespread hand cold steel, it was used much less often as a throwing weapon.

The word ax is an ancient Slavic, or primordial, or ancient Iranian borrowing.

Another ancient Slav name of the ax is the ax.

In modern Russian, the term "ax" is an archaism, not having a clear meaning, and often arbitrarily applied to various types of axes,more often fighting. Even in ancient times, the ax was called "argon".

The latter name is especially characteristic of the ancient Vladimir principality.

Argun also called the master of wood, whose instrument was predominantly an ax-argument.

The way the blade was attached to the ax was significantly changed over time.

An unfrozen stone ax could simply be tied to an ax handle or inserted into a nest on it.

The bronze celt was worn on the cranked handle. In later times, an ax hat was inserted in the ear from above (some Old Russian, Carpathian, Tomahawks) or from below.

In the second case, it is required to secure the ax handle with a wedge.

Brand USSR
Weight 1.900 kg
Material steel, wood

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