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Handcuffs BRS (galvanized, 1 key)

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Product Code:Handcuffs BRS (galvanized, 1 key)
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BRC handcuffs are the most common of the Russian models of two-link handcuffs connected by a chain.

To neutralize intruders, security forces often use handcuffs of different types. They all look very similar, but they have some differences.

The BR-C handcuffs have a galvanized surface and look like ordinary police handcuffs. In principle, they are.

According to technical characteristics, we can say the following. BRS is a two-part handcuff with a total weight of 340 grams. The kit includes only one key.

A characteristic feature of this model is that when each link is closed, you can fix the position and it will not shrink more.

In general, this model is well suited for the operational work of law enforcement personnel, as well as often used by guards and amateurs of role-playing games.

The latter often choose them due to their glossy appeal and the ability to fix the links. It is also very important that they cause a minimum of inconvenience when they are worn.

They are removed and dressed easily and do not require effort. The handcuffs are unlocked with the key turned in the lock.

The position of the links is fixed when the cam is pressed in a special hole on the back of each link. The links between each other are connected by a chain.

Usually such models are worn in special leather cases. The range of operating temperature lies in the intervals from +40 to -30.

Serving BR-C handcuffs is necessary in accordance with the instruction, and it is possible to apply, both on the wrist and on the ankles.

Depending on the physical characteristics of the detainee, the opening of the bracelet is regulated.

Brand USSR
Weight 0.330 kg
Material metal
Colour black

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