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BRC-2 handcuffs, galvanized

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Handcuffs of "BRS-2" are used in the work of law enforcement officers, including FSIN, FSB, security services, police, etc.

Are designed to restrict the freedom of certain types of citizens who have committed offenses.

Handcuffs are produced in the Russian Federation by analogy with the "bracelets" of the Czech firm "Ralkem".

The handcuffs of "BRS-2" are made of galvanized blued steel, which has increased strength and high level of wear resistance.

Consist of two links and have a special built-in lock, which has a complex mechanism. Thanks to this locking device, the fastening always remains in the same position.

A distinctive feature of the model of steel handcuffs is the unusual shape of the key. It is flat and has a double cutter. Also to the merits of "bracelets" is a special valve, divided into two halves. The arc between these halves does not allow you to open the lock by any other method or object other than the key.

Keys - 2 pcs.

Weight 0.360 kg
Material metal
Colour black

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