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Handle for AK-47

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The pistol grip AK-47 (74) is somewhat different from the basic component.

In form it resembles the handle of the Makarov pistol in 1953, and, according to many authoritative experts in the field of small arms, has many advantages.

Why do I need a pistol grip for AK? The reason for the replacement can serve three different reasons.

First, the proposed product due to the incision on the lateral faces is much better in the hand.

Reduces the risk of slipping the palm and, as a consequence, reduces the likelihood of the product of unplanned shots at a break of sweaty hands from the handle, followed by an unexpected pressing of the trigger.

Secondly, pistol grips on AK, "Saigu" can be chosen by the criterion of aesthetic appeal.

Although this does not greatly affect the quality of weapons, many owners of their own specimen or a civilian analogue ("Saiga", "Boar") try to take care that their weapons not only shoot well, but also look beautiful.

Thirdly, the old handle AK can crack, crack or otherwise become worthless.

For this reason, it may require a worthy replacement. Handle pistol AK-47 as can not be better suited to eliminate the unforeseen breakdown.

Brand USSR
Weight 0.070 kg
Material plastic, bakelite
Colour dark brown, black

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