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Autonomous heat source, a chemical source of heat. It is an individual disposable heating pad, designed for several hours. It can be put in pock
The army kettle is a domestic sample,It is a metal container with a steel handle,a bowler with a volume of about 2 liters, a round bowler. Bowler (arm
ORIGINAL 1x Soviet Russian Army Fork + Spoon + Knife (Opener) Rare Food kit NEW! Country/Region of Manufacture: Russian Federation ORIGINAL
The ramrod for the revolver Nagan helps prevent chemical erosion of the gun's trunk channel. Due to its timely and proper use, the Nagan and it
Russian Army isued shoe polish for black leather boots. Helps soldiers to keep their boots look clean, dry and shiny. One distinctive feature of
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ORIGINAL RUSSIAN SOVIET ARMY STRIPPER CLIPS FOR SKS, 7.62x39! NEW! Brand: Unbranded Country/Region of Manufacture:
BRC handcuffs are the most common of the Russian models of two-link handcuffs connected by a chain. For neutralization of malefactors power structures
Durable polymer bayonet for AK 74/47. Includes original holster!!! ..
Cartridge cartridge (weapon) - device that combines several cartridges together and serves to facilitate and accelerate the loading of small arms.
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Original Russian USSR Army Military Soldier VDV Lunch Box Food Cup Bowl Kettle Country/Region of Manufacture: Russian Federation Bowler Airborne
Pads on the handle of the TT gun were used to equip the handle of the gun. The product fits snugly against the projected plane. The fastener was in
Comfortable Mat for camping or Hiking. Made of modern heat-insulating material . Do not get wet, it retains heat well. The perfect choice for we
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Russian Army FSB Tactical Hook Folding Wall Anchor Rock Climbing Tool! 150kg!!! Brand: Russian Army Country/Region of M
Handcuffs of "BRS-2" are used in the work of law enforcement officers, including FSIN, FSB, security services, police, etc. Are designed
In Russia We have a phrase. If you can not repair something with the blue tape, you are using too little of it. ..