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Military Soldier VDV Lunch Box Food Cup Bowl Kettle

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Product Code:Military Soldier VDV Lunch Box Food Cup Bowl Kettle
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Original Russian USSR Army Military Soldier VDV Lunch Box Food Cup Bowl Kettle

Country/Region of Manufacture: Russian Federation

Bowler Airborne, a set of three items!
The bowler landing combined sample in 1959 - a classic Soviet military equipment. For the first time this package was passed as part of the equipment in the airborne troops, and later taken to the base camp outfitting special forces and special-purpose Marine Corps, the Border and the individual units of the Land Forces of the USSR - as a replacement for the standard bulky pot of the Armed Forces of the USSR. Flat bottom flask marching enables heating of the contents without the need to pour water in the pot itself. The boiler has a hinged shackle-handle for hanging over an open fire in the field. All items are made of lightweight and durable aluminum alloy, fire and water-resistant. Technically set of "Bowler Airborne" is a proper pot (capacity - 1000 ml, weight - 200 g) jar (capacity - 750 ml, weight - 200 g) and mug (podkotelnik-lid container - 500 ml, weight - 140 g ). Ergonomically set pieces fit together for maximum compactness. Flask stowed completely fits inside the bowl, bottom closed podkotelnikom design with pen-holder.

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