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Molle platform on automobile seat

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-Panel with PALS / MOLLE pouches for cell, fastened to the back of the front seats of most cars (universal form, designed to suit a variety of shapes and designs of seats). Used for effective internal organization of space in the car

The panel consists of three parts sewn together and gradually into each other: a platform with PALS cells (hangs behind the seat), the upper part (attached to the headrest), and the back of the grid (located in the front seat)

The platform is made of fabric and Cordura® 500d contains 10 horizontal rows of 10 cells PALS wide (top row - 8 cells). At the lower corners of the horizontal and vertical sewn trehschelevye buckle for fastening the panel to the seat

The upper mount to the headrest has two small rectangular slots into which the pins are inserted into a car seat headrest. The slits are extended laterally to allow for a slight difference in the distances between the pins on different models of cars. The edges of the slots are reinforced with an extra layer of tissue Cordura® 500d and Oxford 210d, repeatedly stitched edge

The back of the dense grid of the base to which the driver leans back. Grid breathes and dries quickly, does not rub the body in light clothing. The rectangular shape is narrow enough to be located between the vertical seams seatback most machines. Stretched flat without forming folds and protrusions. Convex accessories available. To the lower corners of the back from the inside (not rub) sewn vertical and horizontal mounting straps to the seat panel. The mesh sling to exit the field is strengthened from the inside patches of fabric Cordura® 500d. Slings have slack

Installing the panel the seat:

Remove the head restraint and push the slot in the top of the panel on the headrest rods

Vertical lines thread the back between the backrest and seat cushion, then in response trehschelevye vertical buckle bottom platform PALS cells. Tighten the straps

The horizontal lines in response thread the horizontal trehschelevye buckle bottom platform PALS cells. Tighten the straps

All tissue sections and straps are hidden under the stitches or edged for safety and neat appearance

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