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Stand- alone heat source AIST 6U43

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Product Code:Stand- alone heat source AIST 6U43
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Autonomous heat source, a chemical source of heat.

It is an individual disposable heating pad, designed for several hours.

It can be put in pockets, in boots, in extreme cases you can wear around the body using chest racks.

Inside the package there are two large warmers AIST-1 and four small AIST-2.

After removing from a sealed package for 3-10 minutes heated to a temperature of 45-55 °C.

Heat is generated by the oxidation of iron powder with air oxygen.


Brand Russia
Weight 1.5378 kg
Dimensions 4 pc -5 x 9cm 2 pc- 10 x 11 cm
Material plastic
Season winter, demiseason
Colour green

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