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3 grenades F-1 pouch

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Pouch for 3 hand grenades F-1 period of World War II.

A variation with a button closure.

Good condition. There is a stigma. Original. Production - USSR

An excellent addition to the models of hand grenades F-1.

The pouch F-1 is divided into three equal-sized pockets, each of which can be a grenade of this brand is placed,equipped with a fragment shirts. Grenades are placed inside the fuse up,which allows you to quickly extract them when necessary to use.

Given the high potential danger of each individual grenade and the ease of activation of the firing mechanism, The pouch for F-1 is supplied with a valve on the fastener. The valve protects both the grenades themselves (more precisely - their fuses) from the effects of atmospheric moisture, and their carriers from accidental break the fuse ring and activate the checks. Given that the radius of damage The fragments from the F-1 grenade are significantly higher than the maximum throw range -a similar situation on an even open area would be fraught with great trouble.

Therefore, the pouch for limonok can be considered a truly thought-out product.

Brand USSR
Weight 0.139 kg.
Material tarpaulin
Colour Gray

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