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Combined-arms filter gas mask PMK-2

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The gas mask PMK-2 is designed to protect the respiratory organs, face and eyes of personnel from the effects of poisonous, radioactive, potent poisonous substances, bacterial agents, radioactive dust. The gas mask PMK-2 can be used in all climatic zones of the Russian Federation in the summer, autumn, winter and spring periods of the year in night and day conditions, at temperatures from minus 40 ° С to 40 ° С and relative humidity up to 98%.

The gas mask PMK-2 provides the possibility of receiving water in an infected atmosphere.

Main characteristics:

Resistance to breathing on inspiration at a constant air flow rate of 30 l / min, (Pa) mm of water. Art. - 180 (18) filter life - 240 hours, duration of continuous stay - 24 hours, intelligibility of speech - 95%, Working temperature range, ° С - 40 ... + 50

Overall dimensions, mm 310x180x180

Weight without a bag - 960 gr.

The warranty period of storage is 15 years.


The front part (MB1-80) with silicate spectacle glasses

Frame tarpaulin bag

Box with NNPs - 62.5

Tag - 2 pcs.

Jar lid

A knitted cover of the filter element




Rubber tube

Rubber ring - 2 pcs.

Brand USSR
Weight 1.490
Material rubber, silicate glass, steel
Colour black

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