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6b51 set

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Complete protection for the knee and elbow joints 6B51

Designer and manufacturer - JSC NPP "class"

Designed to protect soldier`s knees elbows from shocks in time of traveling on the battlefield, and the action of armored vehicles.
Designed for use by military land forces, airborne troops, marines navy and special units in the conduct of all military operations, including  landing parachute and landing in a sea.
Included in the set of combat equipment 6B52 "Warrior".

Kit protects  knees and elbow joints from impacts with an energy of 14 + 5 J (Falling soldier in combat gear on a concrete base).
Protection Area: elbow - at least 1.1 dm 2, knee - at least 1.5 dm 2.
set weight - not more than 0.5 kg.
Operating temperature - from -40 ° C to + 50 ° C.

X-shaped anatomically shaped cups of HDPE provides effective shock absorptivity and freedom of movement.
The air space between the fabric and the cup is more cushioning on impact.
The lining of the pile of natural evaporation removes material from the body to prevent chafing.
Adjustable straps provide a secure fit and a soldier comfort.

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