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Costume office green with long sleeves (jacket and trousers)

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Product Code:Costume office green with long sleeves (jacket and trousers)
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A costume made from a mixture of rip-stop cloth, not creasing, not stretching and not shrinking after wetting.

New office uniform for servicemen type B - Suit with a jacket with long sleeves.


The costume consists of a jacket and trousers.


The jacket is a direct silhouette with a central side zipper with a zipper hidden by two vtakchnymi slats-obtachkami. The bottom of the jacket - with a privatnym belt of parts: the two front, two side and rear. In the side parts of the belt there are two rows of elastic braid.

Before with the upper slotted pockets with leaves and flaps fastened to the textile fastener, with side slotted pockets with two obtacks with a zipper. To fasten the chevrons on the valves of the upper pockets, the hinge part of the textile fastener with a size of 12x2.5 cm is adjusted. The hook part of the textile fastener is included in the kit.

On the lining of the left part of the transfer - an overhead pocket of waterproof fabric with a one-piece valve and a loop fastener and a button designed for documents.
Back - with a detached coquette at the level of the shoulder blades. Coquette of the backrest - on the lining.

In a suit type B - in a jacket sleeves vtachnye, dvuhshovnye, with amplifying overlays in the field of an elbow. At the bottom of the sleeves - cuffs fastened to the textile fastener - cut with the puft.

Collar - turn-down with sharp ends, with a detachable stand.

On the sleeves for attaching the insignia (chevrons), the elements from the loop part of the textile fastener are set.

On the left sleeve:

- in the form of a half-ellipse with a height of 3.8 cm, a width of 8.0 cm - at a distance of 3.0 cm from the highest point of the pellet;

- in the form of a rectangle 9.0 cm high, 8.0 cm wide - 1.2 cm from the lower edge of the half-ellipse.

On the right sleeve:

- in the form of a rectangle 10.0 cm high, 9.0 cm wide - at a distance of 8.0 cm from the highest point of the pellet.


The trousers are straight, with stitched arrows, a gulphik with a zipper, a tucked-in waistband.

Belt with a fastener at the ends on the hinged loop and button, elastic braid in the field of side seams, seven loops. Location of the vests: on the front halves of the arrows, side seams, darts on the back halves of the trousers, the middle seam.

The bottom of the pants is folded in a closed cut. To the hem of the bottom of the trousers on the side of the step seams, elastic band strips with hinges at the ends are sewn, buttons for fastening the free ends of the strips are located on the allowances of the side and step seams.

Weight 1.200 kg
Material cotton, polyester
Size range 44-62
Height 158-188
Season summer
Colour green

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