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KLMK Berezka Birch Yellow Oversuit

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Masking suit or Masking robe - one of the variants of camouflage Special clothes (costume, robe and so on). Actually, the musk differs from the military form in the first place by what can be put on over clothes (including over military uniforms). As a rule, the fabric of such suits are thinner than cloth of statutory shape, but not always it is less durable.

The coloring of the classic camouflage "birch" is an olive a fabric with chaotically located spots of light green color.

Sometimes the pattern is called "solar rabbit". Camouflage is ideal for deciduous forests, swamps in the summer. Birch - The official name KZM-P. One of the most famous and common camouflage of the USSR and the Russian Federation.

Brand Russia
Weight 0.500
Material cotton, polyester
Size range 44-60
Height 158-188
Colour Yellow birch

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