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Suit Gorka 1 "Afganistan"

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This  Gorka suit made by St. Petesburg company ANA. Main plus of all gorkas from ANA - very good quality, good price. All this Gorkas making for MVD special Forces, like SOBR or OMON. ANA using Taurpalin fabric, so it"s very durable, but that"s increase weight. Most of this models classic and will work good as for old sets, as for modern sets. 

Gorka or Gorka 1, most common and classic model of Gorka. It was developed in the middle of 80-x years for Soviet Soldiers in Afganistan. It also used in First Chechen War. 

It"s light, and will work good in dry regions with low temperatures (this gorka will works great from -15 C till +15 C), like deserts, steppes, and etc. Doesn"t have any impregnations, so, will provide basic waterproof, but not for rain.



1. Soviet Style

2. ANA quality

3. Will works great in Desert Regions.

4. 4 Pockets on Trousers.

5. Overall trousers.

6. Issued for most Russian Special units.

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