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Suit Gorka-D

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The suit consists of a jacket - hooded parka, pants. Details suit of thick cotton plain weave, used for the production of military tents. Jacket - Park provides protection against strong winds due to the design of the hood and interior trims and wind protection apron. Planck pritachivaetsya the inside of the left shelf and tacked on a loop buttons placed on the right shelf. Additional protection from wind provides supatnaya buckle, Stitch the left shelf. The outer strap loops fastened with buttons with fabric feet. Windproof apron is governed by the volume of rubber tape in the wings. The jacket is adjustable waist cord in the wings.


The bottom of the sleeves, with special loops for the fingers, adjustable volume ties of rubber webbing. Hem cord regulated the scenes clips cord placed inside the pockets of the lower shelves. The hood of the two parts, adjusted for the volume of two cords in the wings with plastic latches, the free ends of the cord are threaded into special pockets - strap. The jacket is equipped with a special removable half-belt, not giving up jacket bully. The jacket is located seven pockets - two bills on the sleeves and four slotted valves on the shelves - the pockets of the upper valve is the lower part of coquette. Lower shelves pockets placed vertically for easy access to the property, when wearing a vest transport. On burlap upper slotted pockets placed inside pockets with waterproof liners. On the bottom, the inside of the back is placed a special patch pocket of a polyester mesh for heat-insulating mat - pallet.


Flirt back and shelves, a second layer of tissue at the elbow, and a bottom of sleeves kroyatsya of polyester fabric. Pants with a wide belt, internal aprons - anthers tucked in boots and prevent the ingress of sand, snow, small stones. In order not to hamper the movements in the side seams, on the knees are made by two folds on each side. Behind, on the knees and on the inside ankle pants reinforced with a second layer of polyester fabric. Waistband adjustable side buckles volume of rubber tape, cord in the wings or wide belt, threaded into shlёvki. Pants are equipped with six pockets: four overhead, volumetric protection from loss of items and two slotted. Pants can be equipped with a special removable help for this belt on the sides pritachivayutsya special loops for hooks.

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Suit Gorka-D